Recognizing a Syrian refugee to sit in the box with the First Lady does not absolve you Mr. President of the biggest crime you committed when you refused to come to the aid of millions of Syrians who were being slaughtered by a psychopath by refusing to establish a No-Fly Zone Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries were happy to foot the bill for. Recognizing a Syrian refugee is not a morale comfort you can hide behind.

When it comes to aid, grant you, the United States was the most generous country providing funds to the tune of over $4.5 billion to various charities and the U.N. to save the refugees from the hunger and the cold. But, Syria and the world need a pro-active president who could save Syrians before they became refugees, who could recognize the crimes Iran was committing against civilians, and who could react with resolve the way Bill Clinton reacted during the Balkan atrocities and the break-up of Yugoslavia.

You, Mr. President, stands accused of watching the murderous Assad regime ethnically cleanse Syria while you pursued an Iran Deal the regime in Tehran already violated with two missile tests.

So don’t think that by providing attention to one Syrian refugee you can cleanse your conscience from the 12 millions you watched suffer. We won’t let you get off so easy, nor should the world press or the Bloggers who have followed the Syrian tragedy closely give you a free pass. You are still the worst President this country has ever elected, and only future events will prove us right when you leave behind such messy situations in the Middle East dangerous to U.S. interests.

When the U.S. has to station boots on the ground in the next few years to reverse course you deliberately charted with your isolationist nonsense in the Middle East, it would be called Obama’s Wars, not Bush.

Recognizing a Syrian Refugee Does Not Absolve You Mr. President

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