Rebels Reassert Control Over Latakia Countryside

Rebels Reassert Control Over Latakia Countryside

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Overnight, the Syrian rebels reassert control over parts of the Latakia countryside. The clashes between regime forces, backed by Russian air strikes, and the forces of the Syrian opposition continues, on more than one axis in the northern countryside of Latakia. The battles have resulted in unaccounted deaths on both sides.

The opposition forces, according to a rebel fighter named Haji Ahmad Bakri, who spoke to, have managed to to re-assert their control over the Azzer Hill in the Turkman mountain. The clashes were still on-going Friday morning according to the same source.

Apparently, the opposition forces were able to repel the Assad forces yesterday evening who were trying to advance over the al-Zahieyh Tower close to the Turkish borders. During this battle, Bakri told that 15 people were killed with several injuries to coincide with six Russian raids targeting the rebel forces stationed around the tower. In spite of Russian air strikes, the rebels reassert their control over Latakia countryside.

However, Bakri confirmed that the Assad forces were able to control yesterday the villages of Dagmashilieh and Zweik after 17 Russian raids against the rebel forces using cluster bombs, in addition to the use of heavy artillery and rockets.

Hundreds of families who lived in the Turkman Mountain were forced to evacuate the area the last few days because of the intensity of the fighting and the Russian aerial bombardments. They left their homes to seek refuge in camps set-up on the border with Turkey.

It is a fact that with winter coming, there are not enough resources available to all the refugees and their children in Turkey who will surely suffer even more during the cold winter.

Many political analysts believe that this forced exodus of Syrian civilians is intentional on the part of Russia to provide the Assad regime with more power to impose its will upon a thinning population that ultimately would have never accepted him to remain in power.

Rebels Reassert Control Over Latakia Countryside


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