The real Barack Obama will unfold the next two years

The real Barack Obama will unfold the next two years

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John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Barack Obama said, “That’s the good thing about being a president. I can do whatever I want”.

Obama’s quote is what you hear from a kid in a candy store.

One president looks out for the country and Obama looks out for himself. In other words, what is good for Obama is good for America. He so much reminds me of Baschar al-Assad or any other miserable dictator.

Why Barack Obama has learned nothing from any of his predecessors is because he is an anomaly. He is a president that should have never been one. We trusted the largest economy in the world to a man who could not comprehend math beyond 7th grade and whose ideology is poisonous to our system of government. Not only historians will judge him harshly, but they will also judge the good judgment of his voters.

Furthermore, his own Democrats in Congress do not understand why Obama is detached from them. Someone should remind them of his quote above, which demonstrates he could care less about the party; the second reason is that none of them is a billionaire. This president only hangs out with billionaires.

If you think we have seen all of Obama, you are in for a terrible and rude awakening. With two more years in office and no accountability, the real Barack Obama will unfold before our eyes.

Who is the real Barack Obama you ask? Let us peel him together.

The real Barack Obama believes in dead ideologies that time has proved to be terrible failures. However, like every extremist before him, he thinks he can tweak his ideology and make a success out of it. The problem is, of course, that unlike other countries, Obama has an endless supply of debt to rely upon to spread his political gospel. Still, signs of his failures stare at us in every field or program Obama tackled. The real Barack Obama will double down, in the next two years, with vetoes, and with Executive Orders to tire our system of governance.

The real Barack Obama hates everything about America but loves the billionaires America’s capitalism helped nurture. Is this a paradox? Not really, if you keep in mind that the real Barack Obama cares only about Barack Obama. In the next two years, the real Barack Obama is going to attempt to harm capitalism further with thousands of new regulations to slow America’s progress.

The real Barack Obama is fueling anti-Semitism the world over when he kowtows to our enemies and when he treats Israel with contempt. Hate has no place in a society whose goals are prosperity for all. The pressure will increase even more the next two years when the real Barack Obama encourages further the savage Mullahs fully to do his anti-Semitic bidding.

The real Barack Obama has amassed a national debt of almost eight trillion dollars and he still has two years left in office. That’s more debt than all the US presidents combined from George Washington to Bill Clinton are. When you hate a country, you burden it with debt.

The real Barack Obama is dividing us on several fronts, the prosperous vs. the needy, black vs. white, and Republicans vs. Democrats. In the next two years, the real Barack Obama will poison our society when he sets the example by complaining repeatedly about a certain subject, which creates more divisions between us all. His complaints will hit a new high the next two years.

The real Barack Obama is a serial liar. He lied about Obamacare, he lied about Syria, and he lied about all the scandals under his watch to include Benghazi and the IRS.  Wait until you see how often he will lie the next two years as he attempts to force his ideology upon all of us.

Too much ink for so little space, otherwise the list is expandable ad infinitum.

Watch out for the real Barack Obama.

The real Barack Obama will unfold the next two years


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