Rami Makhlouf Decrying Inhuman Arrests is Our Joke of the Week

Rami Makhlouf Decrying Inhuman Arrests is Our Joke of the Week

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Sanctions-hit Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf said on Sunday that security forces were arresting employees at his companies “in an inhumane way”. Imagine that! Assad’s cousin thinks the psycho Assad arrest people in “an inhuman way”.  What a shock to the average Syrian!! Without a doubt, Rami Makhlouf decrying inhuman arrests is our best joke of the week.

This is especially true when he says in his video that “he is a servant to the intelligence services”. The guy is part and parcel of this regime of terror that arrests people indiscriminately. He lives in that inner circle of terrorists killing innocent Syrian civilians.

What a Chutzpah!

Why the arrests? Because Assad is downright blackmailing his own family now. Gone were the days when he could blackmail the Gulf rich countries. Assad has no choice, now that he burned the country, but to turn his blackmail strategy towards the low-hanging fruits.

On a side note. Reuters called Rami Makhlouf Syrian tycoon. Wonder what Reuters might call a self-made man in Syria? How could the cousin of the man who controls a whole country be a tycoon? Hey Reuters, this is oxymoronic.


Makhlouf said in the video in an unprecedented attack on the powerful security forces by one of the country’s most influential figures:

Today pressures began in an unacceptable ways and the security forces, in an inhumane way, are arresting our employees. Mr President (Assad), the security forces have started attacking people’s freedoms. These are your loyal supporters… The situation is dangerous and by God, if we continue, the situation of the country will be very difficult.

Maybe Makhlouf has just realized Assad is a brainless psycho.

Makhlouf said in the video he had been asked to step down from his companies, including Syriatel. The company is the main source of revenue for the sanctions-hit government.

Makhlouf said:

I have been asked today to step down from my companies and take instructions while I close my eyes. Authority is not given to put pressure on people to give in. Did anyone expect the security forces would pounce on Rami Makhlouf’s companies who were their biggest supporters and their patron during the war?

He said he would not bow to pressure to hand over his wealth.

Makhlouf may finally understand what it means to live under the Assad psychotic rule for 50 years.

Reuters contributed to this article.

Rami Makhlouf Decrying Inhuman Arrests is Our Joke of the Week


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