Qatar Has No Choice But to Assassinate Lebanese MEP

Qatar Has No Choice But to Assassinate Lebanese MEP

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Qatar, a major supporter of rebels in Syria’s civil war, suggested it may want to intervene militarily following Russia’s intervention in support of the psychopath Baschar al-Assad.

Qatar’s foreign minister Khalid al-Attiyah upped the ante by stating in an interview to CNN:

“Anything that protects the Syrian people and Syria from partition, we will not spare any effort to carry it out with our Saudi and Turkish brothers, no matter what this is. If a military intervention will protect the Syrian people from the brutality of the regime, we will do it,”

In response to his threat, a nobody thug installed by Hezbollah in the Lebanese Patrliament named Wiam Wahab tweeted the following

Which loosely translates:

“If Qatar carried out its threat of military intervention in Syria, Doha will be bombarded with rockets!”

To know who Wahhab is, imagine the Mafia electing Giovanni “The Pig” Brusca to Congress to imagine Wiam Wahhab. The worst of the worst.

After his tweet, Qatar has no choice but to assassinate Lebanese MEP Wiam Wahhab and here is why. With one little sentence, Wahhab made Qatar look so insignificant, so inconsequential, and so trivial. Qatar has no choice but to respond big otherwise its leadership will be the laughing stock of every Arab politician.

Qatar is a very small country protected mainly by al-Udeid U.S. Air Base. When a third-rate thug who works for Hezbollah who, in turn, works for Iran threatens Qatar, and Qatar does not respond, it renders Qatar inconsequential as a country. It will encourage Qatar’s enemies to commit to acts of terror rather than just words.

Such threats would have never been leveled if it was not for Obama’s Iran Deal that gave life to thugs on both sides of the Islamic extremist rainbow.

Mind you, Wahhab threat is also leveled against the U.S. because of its Air Base. Let us not, though, hold our breath waiting for Obama to respond to pro-Iranian threats. Anything that belittles America, Obama is happy to hear.

Qatar has no choice but to assassinate Lebanese MEP Wiam Wahhab after his disparaging threat. Not responding opens Qatar for more than threatening words.

If small Qatar cannot raise an Army, maybe it should get a reputation for its highly skilled assassination teams that rival those of Hezbollah it could begin training with help from infamous mercenaries and special ops retired hit men. They might become handy to assassinate the criminals in the Assad regime.

After all, small Israel gained its reputation for toughness when it went after Nazi criminals to assassinate them one at a time.

Qatar Has No Choice But to Assassinate Lebanese MEP


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