Qatar Harms Syria, Kuwait Aids Syria

Qatar Harms Syria, Kuwait Aids Syria

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We think Qatar should embrace the peacock as its symbol. A little bird that multiplies in size to show-off its radiant colors in order to distract its natural enemies. While Qatar harms Syria, Kuwait aids Syria.

Qatar talks in support of the Muslim Brotherhood ruling Syria; Kuwait, on the other hand has no political agenda. As long as a new Syrian leadership is friendly to all the Gulf countries.

Islamists ruling Syria will undermine the whole region and sink its population in religious fervor and disorientation. The Muslim Brotherhood intends to apply Shariaa, which is total submission to their order using God as their shield. Sounds familiar? The Inquisition in Spain maybe.


Kuwait is hosting a donor conference late January for humanitarian aid to Syria and we, Syrians, welcome Kuwait’s kind gesture.Gulf News described its purpose:

Kuwait’s Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber has announced that Kuwait would host a humanitarian aid donor conference for the Syrian people by the end of January.

The Emir made the announcement as he gave a speech at the opening of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit in Bahrain.


In his speech, Shaikh Sabah hailed the widening international recognition of the of the recently formed National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

The six GCC countries earlier this month said that they accepted the nomination of a representative of the Syrian opposition coalition to the Council.

However, who receives the aid and how it is distributed is something that we must pay attention to. Is it to supplement United Nations aid agencies? Or would a portion of this humanitarian aid be provided to other agencies as well?

It is important for Kuwait to distribute her aid to as many NGO’s working diligently on Syria. Such infusion to smaller NGO’s, diminishes bureaucratic costs, which is what the U.N. is infamous for. Many of these NGO’s concentrate wholly on Syria on issues the U.N. does not handle.

Thank you Kuwait.

Qatar Harms Syria, Kuwait Aids Syria


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