There is something sinister about US media outlets that refuse to blame Barack Obama for the Syrian tragedy and for permitting Iran and Russia to take over the region. But finally, someone is pointing fingers at Obama for Syria’s tragedy.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the accuser is a British politician.

Why US mainstream media (NY Times, Washington Post, etc.) won’t write about the disastrous policy of Barack Obama? Are they afraid to appear racists? Or Un-Democratic (Meaning Un-DNC)? Only non-mainstream outlets wrote about his calamitous policies.

Under Obama’s presidency, hundreds of thousands of Syrians lost their lives while he played golf and ignored the consequences to his impishness. Yet, no US mainstream media outlet is pointing fingers at Obama.

We had two appeaser presidents since 1976. Both were some of the worst presidents we ever had run this country.

One was Jimmy Carter who invited the Mullahs to take over Iran, and more recently Barack Obama who invited the Mullahs to take over the Middle East one country-at-a-time. Under Obama’s presidency, we saw Iran occupy four Arab countries. That’s one country every two years.

No one is worse than Barack Obama when it comes to US foreign policy. The man has established, because if his ignorance, the foundation for a region to fight many wars to come over many decades in the future. And whether we like it or not, the U.S. will, at one point, have to defend its interests mostly because of oil, a strategic weapon our enemies can use against us. When that happens, remember to thank Barack Obama.

Below is the article published by Bloomberg Politics and written by Kitty Donaldson and Svenja O’Donnell.

Johnson Says West Failed Syria, Left Pitch ‘Wide Open’ to Russia

  • U.K. foreign secretary says chemical weapon ‘red line’ ignored
  • Johnson blames Western reticence for its policy failures

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson faulted Western leadership in Syria — specifically for setting out red lines for intervention and then failing to follow through with the removal of President Bashar al-Assad.

He argued this was a mistake that allowed Russia and Iran to play out their foreign policies.

“We called on Assad to go,” Johnson said in a speech at his London office on Thursday. “We set the red lines of what we would accept in his treatment of the Syrian population. And then we did nothing about it. We willed the end, and failed to will the means — leaving the pitch wide open for Russia and Iran.”

Problems in the Middle East, he said, “have been exacerbated not so much by Western meddling as by our aloofness.”

U.S. President Barack Obama said in 2012 that his red line with the Assad regime was if there was proof of the use of chemical weapons. When this came in 2013, Obama had second thoughts.

As Obama explained in 2016, to The Atlantic: “We had UN inspectors on the ground who were completing their work, and we could not risk taking a shot while they were there. A second major factor was the failure of Cameron to obtain the consent of his parliament.”

David Cameron lost a parliamentary vote for military intervention in Syria when he was Britain’s prime minister, as lawmakers reflected on the poor result of action in Iraq although he later managed to secure support for air strikes on Islamic State.

Finally, Someone is Pointing Fingers at Obama for Syria’s Tragedy

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