Please do not call me a “moderate” Muslim anymore

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If Hamas and Hezbollah have moderate Muslim elements, then who am I?

When I called myself Muslim-American, Islamists called me rootless.

When I called myself American-Muslim, Islamists called me a traitor.

When I called myself moderate Muslim, Islamists hijacked me.

They did so with the help of the government I have paid allegiance to.

One that colluded with Islamic extremists to kidnap my identity.

Does my government not see that I fight on their same side against Islamic extremists?

Does my government not understand the difference between Islamic extremists and real moderate Muslims?

Who does John Brennan listen to, I wonder?

Today, I am almost certain my own government is run by “Prairie Dogs” living in holes.

They think the “Prairie” is safe, so they peek once in a while, grin to the empty space, and deliver speeches.

But a fox just chomped our highest authority entrusted to save us from terror.

I am concerned because I escaped tyranny in the Arab Muslim world for the safety of Washington.

When Washington was not serious about extremism and tyranny, Khomeini locked-up our diplomats and Bin Laden killed them.

When Washington became serious about extremism and tyranny, Khameini offered us a truce and Bin Laden became a caveman.

Now our officials live in holes and their lawyers define our laws.

The same lawyers who protected terrorists from US laws at Gitmo are entrusted today to apply the US law to protect us from their old terrorist clients.

What happened to America’s “Conflict of Interest”? What happened to Common Sense?

Therefore, I ask that you no longer call me “moderate” until I find another title to go by.

Maybe a title that my own government officials will mistakenly take for an extremist in the hope I can use the little dark back door to talk sense into them.

How else can I shake these officials from their deep sleep? How else can I kick them out of their holes so they can see the foxes roaming?


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