Pentagon Deploys Stealth F-35B Jet Fighters To Syria

Pentagon Deploys Stealth F-35B Jet Fighters To Syria

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Against a backdrop of Putin threatening U.S. troops in Syria, the Trump Administration responded with a show of force. The Pentagon deploys stealth F-35B jet fighters aboard the USS Essex, a Marines aircraft carrier.

This is the first time the F-35B is deployed to the Middle East region. It sends a signal to Putin that is unmistakably threatening to his postures on the international stage.

In August, Russia deployed its own armada to the Mediterranean in preparation for its final assault on the Idlib Province.

Unlike past assaults by Chemical Assad on other parts of the country using Chlorine gas and barrel bombs, this time around it looks like the U.S. is slapping him with shackles to prevent him from dropping chemical weapons on innocent civilians.

Syrians have Ambassador John Bolton to thank for insisting on punishing Chemical Assad severely should he trespass the new red line drawn by the Trump administration.

Can the F-35B defeat Russia’s S-400 Missile System?

Russia is protecting the Assad regime with its own advanced weapons like the S-400 missile system. If the Pentagon is forced to use its stealthy F-35B against the regime, how will the most advanced U.S. jet fighter fare against the S-400?

Business insider writes:

Retired Marine Maj. Dan Flatley told Business Insider why pilots of America’s most expensive weapons system weren’t afraid of Russian or Chinese counterstealth. 

“Adversaries have to build a kill chain,” said Flatley, a former F-35 pilot. Just because a radar can find an object — and Russian VHF radars can spot F-35s — doesn’t mean it can fix, track, target, and consummate that kill chain with a missile hit, he said.

“We’re not trying to prevent every aspect of that chain, just snap one of those links,” Flatley said.

It is unlikely the US and Russia would engage on the battlefield in Syria. The USS Essex presence forces Putin to calculate on the basis he is not dealing with Barack Obama anymore.

And what a relief that is for America’s pride and strength.

Pentagon Deploys Stealth F-35B Jet Fighters To Syria


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