Paris Attacks Suspect Hails From Abrin South of Tehran

Paris Attacks Suspect Hails From Abrin South of Tehran

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Paris attacks suspect hails from Abrin south of Tehran. Mohamed Abrini, the suspect in the Paris attacks Europe is looking for, has traveled to Syria. Normally, such piece of information does not raise too many eyebrows because IS makes Syria its home, but when you combine the genealogy of his name with his travel itinerary, he becomes a roadmap to who the masterminds of the Paris attacks were.

In the Middle East, family names could be indicative of one’s origins. As an example, the Masri family means they come from Egypt (Masr is Arabic for Egypt), and the well-known Mardini family hails from Mardin in southeast Turkey.

The Syrian Abrini family hails from Abrin, which is a small town 20 kms south of Tehran. Mohamed Abrini has Iranian roots, which is a strong evidence of who the masterminds of the operations in Paris were. The fact that Abrini did not participate in the attacks but was simply present as an operational backup also works to point the finger at Damascus as being behind the Paris attacks.

These kind of historical and genealogical ties are hard to extract from the analysis of terror acts because most likely Belgium and France would be concentrating on evidence linking directly the suspects to an operation room somewhere. In the Middle East though, linkage to roots sometime offer the best evidence. For Assad, historical alliances and purity of one’s roots play a major role in securing loyalty and integrity of his terror assets.

There is a good reason why Paris attacks suspect hails from Abrin outside Tehran.

Our hope the intelligence services in Europe would take this bit of information into consideration when constructing the complex planning operation of the Paris attacks. Given how close the Assad regime is to IS (Assad is still buying oil from IS), it would be foolish to discount the genealogical origins of the suspect who is known to have traveled to Syria.

It was IS that committed this horrific act of terror, but we believe the mastermind psychopath of these operations is in Damascus calling himself a president when all he is a mass murderer and a brutal butcher.

Paris Attacks Suspect Hails From Abrin South of Tehran


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