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Only Erdogan's resignation will halt Syrian civil war
24 Apr 2016

Only Erdogan’s resignation will halt Syrian civil war

Most Syrians and Syrian-Americans have advocated, since the start of the Syrian Revolution that began March 15, 2011, for Assad’s ouster to be replaced with a leadership more inclined to respect its people and less inclined to feed the engine of terror in the region. Today, it is becoming more

Obama's sickening 'share the neighborhoods' reference
23 Apr 2016

Obama’s sickening ‘share the neighborhood’ reference

Obama’s sickening ‘share the neighborhood’ reference – by Farid Ghadry During Barack Obama’s controversial interview in The Atlantic in which he tried to justify his foreign policy upheavals, the president made a reference to Saudi Arabia to ‘learn to share the neighborhood’ with the terrorists in Tehran. Obama’s sickening reference

22 Apr 2016

Saudi fangs are out

Saudi fangs are out – by Farid Ghadry Many Saudi experts, if they had to agree on one common denominator with regard to Saudi diplomacy on the international scene, would most likely concur on its patience and steady approach. The culture that survived the harshest conditions humans could endure learned

Europe Contemplates Life After America
05 Apr 2016

Europe Contemplates Life After America

Source: The Wall Street Journal – by John Vinocur (Europe Contemplates Life After America) Disillusionment with Barack Obama coupled with concern that his legacy could help put Donald Trump in the White House has now entered respectable European political discourse. The notion reflects profound doubts at Europe’s core about a


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