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A Loosening Grip
02 Mar 2005

A Loosening Grip

Since the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri about two weeks ago, we’ve seen the rumblings of what some are calling a “Cedar Revolution” in Lebanon, as, most recently, the Baathist government there has resigned. Farid Ghadry is no stranger to Lebanon, where his family emigrated to when

22 Feb 2005

Syrian survival strategy

The assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on Feb. 14, has not begun a new crisis in the Middle East. Rather, Mr. Hariri’s murder, probably at Syrian instigation, is the culmination of tensions between the United States and Syria that began in April 2003 as U.S. troops were

07 Feb 2005

To Be Chalabi, or Not To Be

This Syrian exile wants to overthrow another evil Baathist dictator. How can he persuade the U.S. to help him? So, you’re an Arab exile. You’ve prospered in the United States. You’ve got lots of influential neocon friends. And now you want to overthrow the evil Baathist dictator back home. Here’s

21 Oct 2004

Israel Builds for Nobel Prizes, Arabs Build for Suicide Bombers

The news this week that two Israeli scientists, in addition to an American, won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, should be read with interest in the Arab world. This win says a lot about the state of affairs of the Middle East. While Israel builds its future with Nobel laureates,


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Assad Genocide

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