The Pelosi Damascus Pilgrimage
04 Dec 2011

Down Memory Lane: The Pelosi Damascus Pilgrimage

We all remember the infamous Pelosi Damascus pilgrimage ex-speaker Nancy Pelosi took to Syria in April of 2007 in support of a ruthless and brutal dictator capable of gassing women and children. That day, and for a brief moment of her Pelosi Damascus pilgrimage, the Speaker of the House cloaked herself

To be or not to bee
20 Aug 2011

To be or not to bee

There are two kinds of Syrian experts, the “to be” experts who follow Syria closely, almost 24/7 and the “to bee” ones whose limited knowledge can be detected right away. To be or not to bee. The “to be” experts know the regime, Syria’s people, its opposition, culture, and political

Carnegie's Carnage
09 Jul 2010

Carnegie’s Carnage

An event sponsored by The Carnegie Middle East Center on Syria intended to assess Assad’s rule since he illegally inherited the office of the presidency 10 years ago, is inviting five different Syrian experts. ALL of whom are ardent regime supporters, and who will speak at the event held in

Let Syrian Israeli Falafel War Begin
09 May 2010

Let Syrian Israeli Falafel War Begin

A small but inconspicuous article appeared in the al-Nahar newspaper in Lebanon (Their English edition on the Internet is called Naharnet) detailing a Hummus war between proud Lebanese citizens and as proud Israeli citizens in which size matters more than taste. I say then, let Syrian Israeli Falafel war begin.


Political Satire

Assad Genocide

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