Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Muslim Truth
21 Sep 2006

Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Muslim Truth

The recent brouhaha surrounding Pope Benedict XVI comments on Islam delivered in Germany should give Muslims a pause. Not one that would conjure the recalcitrant attacks that we have seen recently but rather one that would question why such a prominent religious leader would utter these words. Pope Benedict XVI

20 Sep 2005

Learning from Walesa

A disturbing trend has emerged recently on the part of a number of analysts, policymakers, and pundits: They are condemning the nascent democratic opposition in Syria to a premature stillbirth. These observers argue that revolutionary anti-Baath organizations like the Reform Party of Syria could not possibly command the popularity and

23 Mar 2005

The Arab World Is Abu Ghraib

No doubt the abuse of the prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison is a crime that must be investigated and its perpetrators brought to justice. The civilized world spoke in one voice when it claimed that this transgression was morally unacceptable. But then again, this is war, and most events

22 Mar 2005

Confronting Syria

Host: Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, President George W. Bush and French President Jacques Chirac issued a joint statement calling on Syria to remove its fourteen thousand troops from Lebanon. In the wake of the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, the pressure on Syria is growing. Tens of


Political Satire

Assad Genocide

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