Syrian tragedy
14 Jan 2013

Syrian Tragedy as a Fundraising Opportunity

There have been several appeals of late by international NGO’s and rescue missions calling the tragic events in Syria a “staggering humanitarian disaster”, with “horrific sexual violence” and “enormous needs”. These expressions are immediately followed by appeals for help for one Billion here or another Billion there. Tragedies brings the

Assad is Soviet SDI Reykjavik Moment
12 Jan 2013

Assad is Soviet SDI Reykjavik Moment

Russia declared publicly what it has been saying privately to every Syrian oppositionist, emissary, and diplomat when discussing the tragedy in Syria: Assad will remain in power despite his savagery. The Assad family has exceeded the expectations of the Soviet Union, now Russia, with regard to spreading terror and instability. Putin is not about to

Arab Largesse Replacing American Influence
11 Jan 2013

Arab Largesse Replacing American Influence

This morning, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) announced a $10m donation to help 30,000 Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp in Jordan experiencing unseasonably cold winter with torrential rain to boot. Syrians are thankful to KSA’s Arab largesse, which comes to about $334 a person. Enough to get some warm clothes and some

Will Assad Use Sarin Gas After the IRGC Swap
09 Jan 2013

Will Assad Use Sarin Gas After the IRGC Swap?

Under pressure from the United States, and specifically the White House, members of the Free Syrian Army just released 48 Iranian hostages to Assad in return for over 2,100 captive FSA prisoners. Will Assad use Sarin gas after the IRGC swap? The deal was struck by proxy using Qatar and Turkey to facilitate the swap. The hostages harbored a


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