Orchestral Syrian War Producing an Immoral Symphony

Orchestral Syrian War Producing an Immoral Symphony

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Beethoven 7th Symphony has that raconteur magic to tell the story of Syria if you can just imagine the tragedy in the chord ensemble. It premiered, appropriately, to honor the wounded soldiers of Hanau who battled the Napoleonic Armies in 1813. The orchestral Syrian war between its starters, its watchers, its wrappers, and its inciters is like a chord ensemble producing a full-blown immoral piece.

The orchestral Syrian war producing an immoral symphony draws a picture of four musical ensemble. An ensemble we call violent organizers to start it, another ensemble we call Genocide watchers to sustain it, a third we named practical wrappers to try and contain it, and lastly, one we labeled the brute inciters to fuel it.

Ensemble Roles

  1. The Violent Organizers are the ones actively participating in the war directly or indirectly, be it Iran, Assad, Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic extremists, Russia, and The Arab League. Each with their public and not-so-public agendas and each believing they must win, which leads to no winner one way or the other.
  2. The Genocide Watchers are people like President Obama who has all the power to end the Syrian genocide; yet, this fake humanitarian chooses not to interfere or allow others to interfere as a goodwill gesture to Iran. Others, like John Kerry and Vladimir Putin, love violent dictators. They are not willing to see their love break and shatter because of some ghastly deaths; even if their reputations are tainted.
  3. The Practical Wrappers are those countries like France, the UK, and Israel that wish to see the region stable and violence contained. The Practical Wrappers operate under the logic that instability is counter-productive to self-interests. Aid organizations are also part of this group.
  4. The Brute Inciters are those people who believe we should not interfere in Syria‘s civil war. Either because they promote the idea of Muslim extremists battling each other (The Sunni extremist side eventually developed after the atrocities of Assad) even if that means destroying a country and its civilian population; or because they really do not care about what happens 8,000 miles away from home. The latter have forgotten already about 9/11. Some of The Brute Inciters may have second thoughts about the Muslim extremists battling each other as the Syrian civil war spills into neighboring countries. While others have not learned their lessons from neighboring countries where battle-hardened men full of hate demonstrated what they are capable of doing.

The interactions between the four different ensembles is quite intense

Obama, a Genocide watcher, refuses to interfere because he hopes to strike a global deal with Iran. While Putin hopes to protect Assad and keep him in play to terrorize and kill at will. Their narcissism forbids both from seeing the obvious. Obama cannot stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon; and Putin cannot force Assad on the Syrian people.

In the meantime, The Brute Inciters are not helping because they are lobbying Obama not to interfere. The orchestral Syrian war continues to play.

Some of the Violent Organizers, like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are fighting each other for more hegemony over Syria. Others, like the MB, are secretly meeting with Iran while appeasing some in the US and its allies. Each of the MB and Iran hate each other but think they can win their Chess Match against the other.

The Practical Wrappers, like France and the UK, are seeking the removal of Assad from power; in addition to prosecution for his war crimes. Others, however, like the aid organizations, spend much of their time lobbying Governments for funds to help Syrians.

Some of the Practical Wrappers have no agenda. They have but one mission: To expose the atrocities of humanity. Those are as powerless as the helpless dying in Syria.

Any wonder why the carnage in Syria is unstoppable.

Orchestral Syrian War Producing an Immoral Symphony


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