Yesterday, the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) named Ambassador Carla Del Ponte to investigate the inhuman crimes committed by the Assad regime for the purposes of prosecuting them in The Hague further down the road. The appointment is a positive step forward because it will help Syrians understand Assad and his men will not escape prosecution. During Friday’s vote at the UN, Russia, China, and Cuba objected. Seven Arab countries submitted the request originally, which is a good sign that the Arab League will not protect Assad the way it has done with Bachir of Sudan.

Carla Del Pone has the experience to prosecute the likes of the Assad regime due to her experience in prosecuting Serbs and Croats. She once was quoted as saying that “The Serbs were bastards… but the Croats are sneaky bastards”. Her experience with the sneaky Croats will help her prosecute the Assad criminals more efficiently because, like the Croats, they are the sneaky bastards Ambassador Del Ponte talked about.

How she was able to come to this conclusion about the Croats was the result of the acquittal of a Croat mass murderer. His team doctored evidence and supplied falsehood to help him get acquitted. In the case of Syria, though, all the evidence is on YouTube and in massive files that have been collected over the last 18 months. Assad and his men have no place to hide and no evidence to doctor.

Del Ponte is known for her tenacity and out of the box approach to win her wars against Genocidal criminals. She accused the Croats of harvesting human organs but magazines like The Economist mocked her work. Later, she was vindicated when the Kosovo Report, conducted by the Council of Europe, concluded that Hashim Athaci, a Muslim Croat, was a Mafia Lord who trafficked in human organs.

The fact that Del Ponte was appointed is a sign the UNCHR is serious about prosecuting Assad and his men. But whether they will be protected as Bachir of Sudan has been or pursued diligently as Slobodan Milosevic and his men have remains an open question. This will become an issue the international community will have to agree upon and only Russia will be able to thwart any efforts at holding Assad accountable. But if the regime falls, Assad will be worth less than a dime to Russia who will trade him gladly if it can secure the Orthodox Church interests in Syria and if it can get something in return from the Arab countries. Given Assad’s label of Half men against the tribesmen of the Arabian Peninsula, my guess is they want to see him hanging from a galley the way Saddam was hanged by the Iraqis.

Witness the sky scrappers necklacing their deserts to realize they don’t take insulting their manhood lightly.

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