On Syria Biden Got Away With Murder

On Syria Biden Got Away With Murder

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When it came to Syria, it was tough to watch the debate last night between VP Biden and Rep. Ryan. Biden. Biden was out of control in terms of lies and half-truths. Ryan preparation lacked the teeth to bite on Syria, a subject that is less important to Americans than the larger issues of the economy, jobs, and taxation. On Syria Biden got away with murder.

Watch how prescient Paul Ryan has been when describing the apathy of the Obama Administration with regard of not arming the moderate rebels. With regard to more extremists Muslims pouring into Syria. It’s exactly what happened later.

Given Ryan’s background and his mastery of domestic budgetary issues, he still did an excellent job in laying out the critical points in the debate. However, Biden’s foreign policy experience allowed him to spin the matter and most importantly to lie to the American people. We must hold him and the President accountable for their inept policy on Syria, which is blowing into a full regional war today.


Let us start by taking up one subject, which was discussed last night at the debate and which dealt with arming Syrians.

This is not true. The Obama administration is pressuring Arab countries not to arm the opposition with defensible weapons under the pretext “we want to know who the good guys are”. There are military experts deployed in Turkey and lately Jordan. But these experts are providing just enough to the Free Syrian Army not to lose.

The Obama administration blocked all help to the peaceful Syrians demonstrating against Assad. Exactly the way it did not help the Iranians demonstrating against their own brutal government. Obama hoped both Revolution would eventually die. When it did not in Syria, Obama ordered that no one interferes by arming the Free Syrian Army. The FSA is well vetted officers who could not have been army officers in the Assad Army had they been connected with extremist elements; that did not stop Obama from ordering no one to interfere. He wanted Assad to win.


When Assad could not, Obama asked the Arab countries, under tremendous pressure to help the innocent defend themselves, not to arm anyone except with light arms; the worst it got the more lethargic the Obama foreign policy became with regard to helping the Syrian people defeat Assad. This is why we say Biden got away with murder. Ryan did not fully explain what Biden and Obama have been doing. On Syria Biden got away with murder.

It took Obama 6 months before he said “Assad must go”; and it was a lie because Obama to this day is still unwilling to see his words through and thus permit the defeat of the most violent regime in Middle East contemporary history. Americans just do not realize what the Assad regime is all about. If they did, they would be shocked at Obama’s apathy.


Today, the Obama administration has lost control of the situation and it is trying to control the damage by being less than truthful about its own incompetence. As they spun Libya, they are spinning Syria.

The number of deaths in Syria is half the story; the timeline of events that led to the 30,000 people dead tells it all even though timelines are like a puzzle and one can only understand them if addressed in their entirety. The Obama administration is using a sleight of hand on Syria to communicate to the American people a story far different from the real truth.

Because of the Obama’s policy on Syria, Jihadis from all over the Arab world are pouring into Syria ready to commit acts of violence and blow themselves up for Islam and Jihad. Syria has become a hotbed for the birth of another Bin Laden thanks to Obama.

Syria and Libya are the foreign policy issues du jour. It is imperative that Gov. Romney prepare well on Syria come this Tuesday night. Enough to showcase the Obama’s foreign policy glorious ineptness. One can witness looking at Obama’s handling of the peaceful Revolutions of Syria and Iran.

On Syria Biden Got Away With Murder


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