Oil Lots Taketh and Weapon Lots Taketh Back

Oil Lots Taketh and Weapon Lots Taketh Back

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Syria’s civil war is one that was deliberately planned to sell hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to several countries in the region as a way to return the hundreds of billions of dollars their oil sucked out of Western economies. Oil lots taketh and weapon lots taketh back.

The engineer is Barack Obama who has become a slave to weapon merchants and manufacturers. He did not send US troops to the Middle East, instead he created the conditions to sell weapons, lots of weapons, which is satisfactory enough to the weapon manufacturers.

Protecting civilians in Syria would have made people feel safe, which is conducive to bad business for arm dealers. So, no-fly zones went nowhere and air dropping of food supplies will go nowhere either. Nothing like Sunni pregnant women dying at the hands of Shiite Iran to move these rocket launchers from their shelves. All thanks to Barack, the messenger of death.

In 2014, Obama sold $26.9 billion worth of weapons to America’s own fearful allies and Russia, now committing its own atrocities in Syria to showcase the effectiveness of its weapons on real live women and children, sold $29.7 billion worth of arms in 2014. US sales to GCC countries increased by 71% since the start of Syria’s civil war. Syria’s war won’t stop until China tests its own weapons too. That is chapter two for the weapon merchant enthusiasts.

One cannot but wonder how much these arm manufacturers would be donating to Obama’s library in Illinois. They better step up because Barack has been their bonanza president. The messenger of death who fought for Libya’s liberation from Gaddafi, but saw a far better opportunity in letting a sectarian war fester and galvanize the region in Syria, has earned his Nobel Peace prize all right. For Obama, who better to make this happen but Assad and the Mullahs in Iran! Oil lots taketh and weapon lots taketh back.

What’s the Iran Deal but to sell more weapons to scared Arab countries who have accumulated almost $3 Trillion in reserves from oil sales. Time to bring it all back home. Syria will realize it if the Alawites start killing Sunni civilians, if Obama does not help the moderates Syrian opposition or encourages the killing of civilians, and if Iran invades Syria. Then we have a real war on our hand pegging extremist Sunnis against extremist Shiites. Sell, sell, my boy. They are spending billions of dollars to buy weapons to protect themselves from each other. Saudi Arabia, alone, is spending $96 billion to buy weapons in the next five years. Oil lots taketh and weapon lots taketh back.

Instead of Barack Obama giving up $50 billion to Iran, he “mistakenly” (wink-wink) gave-up $100 billion. Iran should buy weapons as well otherwise the Arab countries would stop spending. Sell, sell, my boy. Sell death and destruction in Syria in the billions.

Obama, the messenger of death, has caused more death during his two-terms, without going to war, than any other modern US President. He caused more death than Senior Bush when he freed Kuwait from Iraq, or Clinton when he put an end to the Serbian atrocities. His Nobel Peace prize is well deserved indeed.

This little angry black man abandoned by both his parents is truly the real deal. He is the real messenger of death. The man with the broken moral compass is the best weapon facilitator the world has ever seen. Who would have guessed the finesse of his salesmanship?

Oil Lots Taketh and Weapon Lots Taketh Back


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