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Syria Pretender Friends and Real Foes
72 hideous witches for Nasrallah

Resignation of Syrian Ambassador to France

Ambassador Lamia Shakkour, from a prominent Damascene family, has resigned her position as seen in this audio/video aired by France 24. SANA confirmed it, so did the Syrian Embassy in Paris. However, RPS received information from a Kurdish human right activist that Maher al-Assad captured her next of kin in Damascus and Skyped their gagged faces to her account in France. Since, someone called France24 claiming to be Lamia Shakkour and denied ever resigning. The Skype part falls within the Modus Operandi of the regime and especially the psychopath Maher al-Assad and it must have been leaked by a member of the family who is “shocked” to being the center of this kind of savagery.

American-Born Amina “Gay-Girl In Damascus” Arraf Still Missing

She was kidnapped by the regime for posting a pro-rebellion Blog. No one is safe in Syria anymore, not Americans, not Gays, and certainly not women. Once more, it shows how Syria is governed by primitive and barbaric thugs.

The Assad regime is breaking down in slow motion and the more the Assads resist it by using violence, the uglier it will be for the Assads when we try thm for crimes against humanity.


  • Captain Hate 13 years ago

    Farid, how safe do you feel? I was concerned when there was a lag between posts here between early May and June; but then noticed you posting at PJM.

    • Thanks you but not to be concerned. Working hard behind the scenes to make sure Syria transitions into civility by stopping its enemies.

  • Please comment. There is a huge twitter rumor that Amina is not a real person in Syria but a Scottish woman who is fake blogging. Please let everyone know the truth.

    • Intriguing indeed. But here is my take on this matter without sounding too conspiratorial.
      The videos emanated from Syria have elevated the Syrian opposition credibility to new heights never experienced before while the official government credibility has taken a beating at every turn. To discredit the opposition, the story of Amina may have been planted by regime operatives. Until a bright investigator reporter gets physical access to all the parties involved, this story will remain a mystery. I dislike the part of her friend backtracking and sounding less “committed” to her friendship to Amina, which raises red flags.
      Let’s wait who in the media will spend the time and effort to get to the story right but knowing the regime intimately, I believe this is a ploy to discredit our work.. Thanks for your comment.

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