Of Circa Rubber, Economic Deprivation, and Rusty Bureaucrats

Of Circa Rubber, Economic Deprivation, and Rusty Bureaucrats

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In one year of governance over Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) managed to demystify two factors: It is the only political group organized (Not the best but the only one) and it is unfit to govern. This is a case of circa rubber, economic deprivation, and rusty bureaucrats.

For the history buffs among us, one can summarize the MB’s history into few words: It took the organization a long time to travel and when it arrived, it was one old worn-out tire incapable of carrying the heavy load of governance because of its circa 1920’s rubber.

The question then becomes who will fill that void.

The violent oppression perpetrated by the likes of Assad who is still butchering children and women Obama is ignoring or does Obama have another surprise up his sleeves manufactured by yet another oppressive regime in the Middle East?

Speaking of Assad, the butcher psychopath of Syria lauded Egypt by forgetting the role its army played in comparison to the role his army played. Assad sees the fight in the Middle East between Arab dictators and the Islamists when the fight is really to cleanse the region of both.

When the Arab street rises to protest the lack of economic opportunities and the economic deprivation so prevalent, but the West diverts its attention from a “sit lassie, sit” type of election to a worn-out and deadly system refreshed only by the sons of dead dictators (From Hafez to Baschar), the Arab Spring versions will keep rolling off the streets.

After Egypt, many other countries will keep rising intermittently if the economic injustices, the corruption, and the cronyism remain unaddressed. Who can blame the people after discovering a world on the Internet full of opportunities their miserable lives cannot access unless they break free from their oppression by revolting openly.

No one seems to read the many surveys or polls conducted in the Middle East pointing directly at the economic factors stirring the people to rise. Had Morsi succeeded in providing economic stability to the Egyptian people, the Copts would have been alone protesting in Tahrir Square. Instead, millions who felt more deprived economically than ever before joined them.

So, let us play that broken record again by asking the same bureaucrats who seek advice from the very same Arab dictators the region is rejecting to stabilize it.

Mind you, we are seeking advice from the Near East region with the highest concentration of oppression, corruption, and dictators the world has ever seen, complemented by the highest concentration of Islamic terror. Coincidence? Hardly.

Those rusty Western bureaucrats! Maybe we need to change the law to vote for the top positions responsible for the policies in the Middle East instead of just reusing the same bureaucrats’ year-after-year as we use old and rusty cookie jars.

Is it not time to think outside the box by concentrating on the economic needs of the people rather than on struggling with damned political solutions made out of rubber circa 1960’s?

Of Circa Rubber, Economic Deprivation, and Rusty Bureaucrats


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