Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation

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When it comes to foreign policy, Barack Obama has harmed U.S. interests every step of the way. In return, we accused him of ignorance, even dumbness, but what if there is another totally crazy theory that says Obama is implementing a foreign policy that helps Russia more than it promotes American power and values.

What if Barack Obama is intentionally and deliberately harming the U.S. Call it Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Ambassador Frederic C. Hof, a top Obama ex-special adviser on Syria, told Business Insider Obama needs a strategy ‘that doesn’t produce the opposite effect‘. In light of this astute observation, is it unreasonable to assume Obama’s ultimate goal is to pretend one thing but plan quite the opposite?

Let’s look closer at this crazy idea using cold hard facts.

Obama’s Past and History

What do we really know about Obama’s past except what he told us? There are many gap years in his life no one knows where he spent them. We know that he patronized with extremist elements during his youth and we know of the radical books he read like Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. We have no clue who paid for his education at Harvard, and it would not surprise us if the funds were provided by some other Communist radicals the FBI was watching closely.

Another example of Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Distancing America from Her Allies

From day one, Obama distanced himself from U.S. allies in the Middle East. After receiving PM Netanyahu at the Oval office, he insulted him by leaving a head of state in a drawing room while he went off to have dinner with his family. Furthermore, he is abandoning the Middle East to Iran, enemy of all U.S. allies in the region.

This is one more example of Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Removal of Assad

It matters little how many people from his own cabinet and foreign leaders nudged Obama to remove Assad, thus remove the reasons for extreme Islamist to rise, he refused at every occasion he had. Remember that the Assad family was installed by the Soviet Union in 1970 during a coup to represent Russian interests during the Cold War. Assad’s terror is a deliberate policy to destabilize the region for Soviet interests. This is why Assad kills the Catholic Christians in Lebanon to include two Lebanese Presidents, but we do not know of any case Assad killing important Orthodox Christians in Syria or elsewhere.

Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation, again.

ISIS Benefits Putin the Most

Assad forged ISIS, which is helping Putin today avenge Europe for its sanctions while claiming his man in Damascus is the only alternative to Islamic extremists. Obama helped the ISIS story by first calling it the JV team and by letting ISIS fester when he refused to help the Syrian moderate opposition. Then when he had no choice but to confront ISIS, he is doing so with the minimum of commitment. Obama caused ISIS to rise, which today is serving Putin’s interests and goals.

Helping Putin demonstrates Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Siding Against Israel

There is no doubt Obama hates Israel. From day one, Obama tried to surround Israel with her enemies by concocting a democratic uprising in Egypt he knew the Muslim Brotherhood would win. Another instance is his U.S.-Iran deal that paves the way for Iran to go nuclear instead of blocking Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Had Netanyahu not raised the red flags during his speech in Congress, Obama would have steamrolled us all. Recently, Obama even removed Hezbollah and Iran from the list of terrorist countries and opened up to Communist Cuba in spite of their human rights disgusting record. These are not the actions of a president who loves America.

The best example of Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Now a Smoking Gun

Remember when the microphone was accidentally left on and the world heard Obama tell Russian Foreign Minister Medvedev that he will have more flexibility after the elections? More flexibility to do what exactly? This reference, on a standalone basis, may not be a smoking gun, but when you juxtapose it with other facts, it sure does.

Some believe in six degress of separation, we believe in Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

In our opinion, Obama could be the ultimate Russian sleeper spy. Of course, those who voted for him are still rubbing their eyes from having smoked too much Hachich. We know this makes us look crazy, but are the breadcrumbs not there for you to follow this trail of high espionage and treason?

Is it that impossible for Obama to be a Russian implant? If not, then it is probable given Obama’s actions that seems to help Putin in Syria, in Iran, in Ukraine, in Europe, and in the Middle East in general.

Why would the FBI release TODAY such a trove of information on Valerie Jarrett’s Communist roots to Judicial Watch? What does the FBI know that it is not telling us straight forward but is leading us to connect the dots by ourselves? This is Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Let’s Connect the Dots to Unravel Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation Dot Number One: Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren told us how surprised he was to learn, after reading Obama’s book “Dreams from my father”, that Obama did not laud the United States of America; not once. Not one word of gratitude, goodwill, or even appreciation for the country that gave him refuge and education. Furthermore, remember Michelle Obama’s “First time proud of USA” moment video? The Obamas do not love this country. This is a fact.

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation Dot Number Two: Then we have Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s own Rasputin, with her Communist family connections. She is the only person allowed in the East Wing of the White House and the only one who calls the president Barack. You cannot have so much power and intimacy without sharing the same ideologies, goals, and purpose. It is simply impossible. This is really Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation Dot Number Three: Then we have Obama ignoring Assad’s atrocities under the excuse of non-intervention, which is feeding ISIS. A stronger ISIS helps Putin defeat the West and threaten U.S. allies in the region like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation Dot Number Four: Then we have Obama insisting on a U.S.-Iran deal the prime minister of Israel labeled as “paving the way for a nuclear Iran”. Obama already ignores Iranian terror, its proxy wars, and expansionism, which undoubtedly taxes U.S. allies and U.S. interests. His crowning achievement of avenging Communist collapse in the old Soviet Union would be to harm irreversibly the U.S. in the Middle East. Obama has worked hard to surround Israel with her enemies; like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, ISIS in Syria, and Hamas in Gaza.

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation Dot Number Five: Obama has consistently refused to arm Putin’s enemies in Syria (Free Syrian Army) and the Ukrainian Government in spite of so many Western calls to assist the Ukrainian people to defend themselves from Putin. When pressed, Obama dispatched MRE’s to Ukraine (Meals Ready to Eat), but not weapons they can fight Putin with.

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation Dot Number Six: Obama refused to help the Green Movement in Iran to rise against its oppressors the way he refused to help the moderate Free Syrian Army rise against the mass murderer Assad. This reluctance to suppress America’s enemies is detrimental to U.S. interests, but helps Russia maintain a foothold in the region. Why did Obama timidly attack ISIS, but not Assad? Why did he liberate Libya, but not Iran?

We believe in Obama’s zero degree of Communist separation.

Are you connecting the dots?

This is what we know. What we don’t know is far worse than anyone could imagine.

Obama’s Zero Degree of Communist Separation


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