Obama’s Silence is Offensive to All Humanity

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One can try and understand Obama‘s policy on Syria even though it makes no sense because no one is asking for US boots or funding. One can even try and understand why Obama refuses to lend help to the Syrians fighting for their survival against one of the most brutal regimes the Soviets ever created at the height of their power. But it is hard to understand how Obama can stay silent when the Assad regime is on a roll committing massacres and ethnically cleansing whole districts and suburbs of Damascus. His silence is offensive to all humanity and his absence is abusive to America’s image and goodwill. These are harsh words for a sitting US president but his apathy towards the Syrian tragedy is unjustifiable.

How does his silence serve the higher interests of the United States? Is he afraid to offend the Iranian Mullahs? Or is he afraid of the Russian silent treatment?

In the last few days, more than 500 Syrians have been killed. Not all died while fighting Assad. Many succumbed to sniper bullets; but the majority died execution-style when the Syrian Army led by the Alawite regime entered Daraya, a suburb of Damascus, and killed at close range all young able men regardless if they were fighting or not. This is ethnic cleansing of the highest order. It’s intentional, it’s deliberate, and it’s pure savagery.

In the meantime, the Assad propaganda machine, further encouraged by the silence of Obama, has been working hard around the edges of Washington to scare Americans into believing Syria will be another Afghanistan or Iraq because al-Qaeda is firmly planted in Syria now. It occurred to no one to ask the simple question of why, if al-Qaeda is fighting Assad in Syria, the organization has not called for his death. That is al-Qaeda’s hallmark stamp.

Obama’s lack of foresight on Syria will be a costly endeavor for America. Yes, Syrians are paying the highest price today but if the Syrian and the Iranian regimes survive, which seems not to disturb too much those occupying the White House today, America will have to return, sometime in the future, to save its interests from the jaws of the “resistance”‘ camp. But next time, it will have no choice but to transport US troops and materials because Syrians won’t lift a finger for anyone after so many sacrifices. Remember what the sailors of Konstadt had to face in 1923.

Today, Syrians can deliver Syria, Hezbollah and possibly Iran for free. With their own lives. Yet, this US administration seems to be totally blind to how much benefits the region will derive from that possibility.


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