Obama’s secret war against Israel

Obama’s secret war against Israel

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No other US President has harbored so much malice and enmity towards the State of Israel as Barack Obama is today. Hiding his resentment is becoming harder in each passing day.

Obama’s secret war against Israel is entering its final stage where, we believe, Iran plays an essential role. The common denominator shared between Obama and Ali Khamenei is their hate of Israel. Khamenei can express these sentiments openly while Obama is obligated to play them secretly as he unravels his plans to destroy Israel.

To fulfill Obama’s secret war, the president knows that if Iran is injected with a signing bonus of $50 billion, or possibly more, to build a nuclear program under the auspices of a legitimate international green light, Iran would immediately put these funds to good terror use.

Obama must hurry because his time in office is being undermined by the increased resistance he is witnessing from American Jews and Israelis who see him as Haman plotting to kill the Jews.

This is Obama’s secret war against Israel and the Jews in general.

To assuage the concerns many American Jews (and American Muslims) have over Obama’s final act against Israel, and by virtue against Arabs fighting Iranian terror, the president dispatched his Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, a Jew, to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy to highlight the administration’s plans to release Iran of its burdensome sanctions. Lew was met with much doubt over the voracity of Obama’s claims.

People who suffer from Iranian terror, like Syrians, Israelis, Yemenis, Lebanese, Iraqis, and Gulf countries, know that Iran would use its windfall sanction-relieved funds to advance its terror agenda across the region. Especially against Israel the Mullahs have failed repeatedly through two proxy wars — Hezbollah and Hamas — to harm.

Obama knows it too. He knows that we know he knows. Obama’s secret war is unraveling fast.

In response to such use of sanction-relieved funds, this White House press secretary responded:

“I think, most importantly, it’s the hope of the Iranian people that that influx of resources will be devoted to meeting the needs of the population there and strengthening the economy that has taken a terrible toll on the daily lives of millions of Iranians.” 

In other words this terrible dictatorship cares about its people and will help them achieve a higher level of economic prosperity. Does Obama think we are that stupid?

The response to such false claims was swift.

Mark Dubowitz, an expert on Iran at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, disputed Josh Earnest words:

“When you give bad people bad money, they use it for bad things.”

Some of those ‘bad things’ is fulfilling Obama’s secret war to see Iran harm Israel. This president will not leave Israel alone or leave the office without harming its Jewish people. Even at the expense of ignoring Assad gassing women and children in Syria, which will only increase with sanction relief.

Anyone who doubts it is a fool. Any Jew, American or otherwise, who believes Obama is a victim of vicious attacks is as blind as a bat. Iran, not the feckless Arabs, is Obama’s answer to destroying Israel because Obama’s secret war demands the terror Iran is capable of to reach its denouement.

Pre-WWII era in Germany and Europe saw the same response from some weak Jews towards the Nazis even when the facts stared them in the face; unless it was too late.

Obama’s secret war against Israel


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