Obama’s mess

Obama’s willful incompetency on Syria
Operation Noble Anvil vs. Operation Absent Conscience
Why Trump is Leading the Polls

Can you tell me how many groups in Syria are fighting each other and how many terrorist foreigners and terrorist foreign organizations have joined the war and on whose side?

Can you tell me why Assad elects himself president of a country he destroyed when so many western leaders were calling for his punishment as a war criminal?

Can you tell me what happened to their voices?

Can you tell me who our friends in Syria or Iraq are? If the US is battling ISIS, and so are the Iranians, why is Obama claiming he is supporting the Syrian opposition against Assad?

Can you tell me why Obama never acted on intelligence about the troubles Nouri al-Maliki was causing?

Can you tell me why the Saudis, our staunchest allies, dislike Obama more than they dislike any other US President in their history?

Can you tell me why Obama intervened violently in Libya and Iraq but not in Iran and Syria where the humanitarian situation is far worse?

Can you tell me why Sisi of Egypt ignores Washington all together today when Egypt, historically, has been the US best friend in North Africa?

Can you tell me why there has been a noticeable rise in terror since 2009?

Can you tell me where the US stands with regard to the Ukraine? Are we an ally of the Ukraine Government or have we started a new alliance with the Russian Government by ?resetting? the relationship? Does Obama?s ?reset? mean we permit the Russians to invade other countries and annex them?

Can you tell me if Israel is a US ally, why John Kerry chose two of its nemesis in Qatar and Turkey?s Erdogan to engineer a one-sided ceasefire with Hamas?

Can you tell me if Nancy Pelosi was expressing the feelings of her Commander-in-Chief when she said that the Muslim Brotherhood, in possession of 10,000 missiles in Gaza, was a humanitarian organization?

Can you tell me why Obama loathes Netanyahu so much? What did the PM do to deserve Obama?s contempt other than protect his people from raining missiles?

Can you tell me what do we stand for?

Can you tell me who we are?


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