Obama’s Court-Side Seats

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Aleppo, a city of over 4 million people and my city of birth, is about to witness a massacre. And Obama has his court-side seats secure, his popcorn in-hand, and his lapel on his jacket that reads “No War”.

But instead of two teams passing the ball and lobbing for dunks with acrobatic wonders, we have a terrorist named Assad lobbing artillery shells on innocent women and children. Obama is all-smile watching court-side.

Instead of two teams playing fairly to win, we have one team playing with guns blazing and the other hiding behind spectators. Again, Obama is all-smiles watching from his precious court-side seats.

Instead of rooting for the team that has lost some 18,000 lives fighting a renowned terrorist and a killer of Americans,  Obama, in his court-side seat is simply watching this high-stakes game he let happen. The broad smile on his face tells it all.

Instead of stopping this mad game, Obama, the most anti-war president in US history, remains sitting court-side watching, popping popcorn, and smiling at the explosive nature of this unique game.

Presidents learn from history and from past Presidents. Instead of learning from President Clinton in how he tackled Serbian aggression, Obama refuses to imitate anyone else. Why should he? He is the anointed one after all.


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