The US State Department has a new page this morning calling it “U.S. Government Assistance to Syria“ in which NEA highlights US Humanitarian Aid to the Syrian people, which included a funding of $210m.

The help Foggy Bottom writes about is most appreciated by Syrians. Without this help, the tragedy would have been far worse even though Syrians would have been able to save lots of taxpayers money had the Obama Administration asked the Arab countries to fund and arm the Free Syrian Army from the moment it became a force capable of bringing down the regime. Instead, this administration withheld crucial support for a long time driving the tragedy to the humanitarian necessities being remunerated by State today.

In other words, Syrians need Humanitarian Aid because Obama blocked Syrians from winning this war fast and early.

US Humanitarian Aid today looks like a doctor prescribing to amputate a leg after he steps aside to let the shooter take his aim.

But let’s take a closer look at the numbers US State is making reference to.

  • According to the UNHCR, there are 600,000 Syrian refugees.
  • According to US State own data, it helped treat 410,000 Syrian injuries and performed 22, 370 medical operations from funding it provides the Red Cross annually during the course of its normal annual assistance to the Red Cross.
  • According to US State, it also delivered plastic sheeting, warm clothes, etc. to 130,000 Syrians estimated to grow to 515,000 from funding the US provides to UNICEF during the course of its normal annual giving.
  • According to US State, the funding has also helped deliver food to 3 million Syrians because the US helps fund the World Food Program (WFP) and UNHCR during the course of its annual giving.

In reality though, the $210m provided by State are supplementary to already budgeted line items paid and settled every October of every fiscal year to different programs and global charities the US helps fund.

If we take the additional $210m the US State has set aside (Again, thank you) and divide it by the number of people it helped, we should get a sense of the REAL Humanitarian Aid the Obama Administration is delivering.

That number comes to $0.07 a day for each Syrian affected ($210m divided by 4,525m Syrians affected divided by 665 days in conflict).

7 cents a day of US Humanitarian Aid for every Syrian be it in the form of food, warm clothing, or medical supplies.

Once again, we take this opportunity to thank President Obama for his generosity and warmth towards the plight of the children dying, the women being raped, and whole families displaced even though the aid looks like the 1% Obama, between 2004 and 2004, was generous enough to give to charities and report on his own personal income tax return of $1.2m.

Is Iran objecting to more aid Mr. President?

I cannot but wonder how much more President George Bush would have done.

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