Obama is avoiding the chapter Pelosi wrote for Bush

Obama is avoiding the chapter Pelosi wrote for Bush

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On one hand, we have Putin and the Ayatollahs in Iran supporting the terror of Assad, and on the other hand, we have the US, under Barack Obama, coordinating with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to support Islamist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, which indirectly is leading to Jihadism in Syria. What happens to the liberal or secular Syrians, be it Muslims, Alawites or Christians, is anybody’s guess. Theirs is a story of an abandoned orphanage. In effect, Obama is avoiding the chapter Pelosi wrote for Bush.

Imagine, for example, if the West were to ignore its most promising leaders in favor of Nazis, or Stalinists, or those behind the Medieval Inquisition. This is a snapshot of our state of affairs in the region today. Ignorance, greed, passivity, and lack of common sense rule over the region by men herding their citizens like shepherds herd their animals.

However, when powerful men who control destinies, lacking in courage like a mother lacks in milk for her newborn, harbor no concern for the open slaughtering of people because they do not want this issue to taint their second term in office, then America becomes the silencer of freedom.

When men of power wish to write, one day, a best seller about their narcissism without a chapter their political Party wrongfully wrote about Iraq for his predecessor, then America becomes the architect of orphanages.

Obama has abandoned the region to Islamist forces and organizations because he thinks Bush spent sleepless nights worrying about AQ attacks in Iraq, something he does not intend to experience in Syria or even be accused of causing even if US troops are not involved. So, he relinquishes the region to them to spare his presidency any headaches or the chance for his political foes to repay him in kindness what ex-Speaker Pelosi paid Bush under the best of circumstances. Talking about using power.

The fact America is greater than to let ignorant men run like wild animals where its interests lie. It will never dawn on this American President because he believes in himself first.

The era of fear instead of courage, of selfishness instead of sacrifice makes the liberals of Syria “children of orphanages”.

Obama is avoiding the chapter Pelosi wrote for Bush


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