Now, I Know How Israelis Feel

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A new Arabic website entitled “Syrian Parties” run by the Aram Group (Four unnamed Syrian journalists according to the site) has launched what looks like a list of all the political organizations operating inside and outside Syria. 

The website recognizes many organizations from the extreme Islamists to the liberals, to the communists, to the Kurdish and the secular. 

But it excludes the Reform Party of Syria, a political organization I co-founded with four other Syrians in 2001 after 9/11. 

Prior to the Reform Party of Syria making its mission and purpose public for the first time in March of 2003, there were a handful of Syrian political organizations, the majority of which were Kurdish. 

Today, the Syrian opposition is one of the richest and most colorful Arab opposition empowered mostly after RPS paved the way in 2003. 

RPS paved the way by successfully launching a campaign to change the Assad regime and garnering, for the first time in our history struggling against the Assad regime, the most prolific global media attention ever garnered before RPS existed. RPS put the Syrian opposition on the map. 

The main reason for this exclusion is because I personally visited Israel openly in 2007 to address the Israeli Knesset to rethink their policy of empowering Assad through an attempt at striking peace with his regime. 

If it is in Syria’s best interests to visit Israel, then I will visit it again if I have to. RPS members and inner leadership support me fully. 

Exclusion is practiced with abandon today by the Syrian opposition, including the Syrian National Council formed by Middle Eastern Arab rulers to merge with the Assad regime. 

Those who practice exclusion (i.e. the Islamists, the Communists, the Ba’athists, and the Nationalists)  believe that by ignoring some entity, some group, or even some country, they are able to determine whether they exist or not. 

Sounds familiar? 

Now, I know how Israelis feel. 

But what the Syrian opposition does not realize yet is that the New Syria will never come to exist before the Syrian opposition recognizes its shortcomings. 

It does not occur to the Aram group or their peers in the Damascus Declaration or the Muslim Brotherhood that Syria will not be free from Assad because his alternative sounds like, looks like, and behaves like Assad. 

Why trouble ourselves ask the wise men?


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