Nothing But The Truth Day

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I think every politician, analyst, policy maker, journalist, and diplomat should have his/her international “April 1” antonym day once a year where that person says what’s on their mind with no spin and no apologies. Only the honest truth. A confession of sort the way some of us confess to Priests, shrinks, Imams, husbands, and wives. Once said, everyone forgets it the next day as people forget their last Las Vegas trip after they return to reality. It’s the right of the people to see us as we are, open and truthful. At least one day a year. Let”™s call it the “Nothing But the Truth Day”

I vote for June 28 to be the “Nothing But the Truth Day” and since I missed saying what I wanted to say, here it is.

“What in the world do you think you are doing Kucinich? After your visit with Assad and your praise of his terror, your hands drip with our blood as much as Assad now. Syrians should send you pictures of all those who died at the hands of your butcher friend to your office in full color. Do take them home and if your daughter asks you what they are, this should be your answer “See this picture my daughter? My friend Baschar al-Assad caused it. Look at the blood dripping from his face and notice how his brain is spilling from a perfect shot from one of his courageous snipers. What a masterpiece!!” And if your daughter asks you how young this dead person is, you should answer “Oh, he should be about your age, maybe 12 or 13?” What a stupid fart Kucinich is. Ohio, please get rid of this a**.

Here, I said what I wanted to say and until June 28, 2012, I will be the diplomat Syrians expect me to be. Don”™t ask for apologies to the above, none will be given. It’s my “Nothing But the Truth Day” right.

Share your “Nothing But the Truth Day” with the world. There is too much stupidity in this world not to afford your right for relief.




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