No Syrians Attacked France, Yet Congress Punished ALL Syrians

No Syrians Attacked France, Yet Congress Punished ALL Syrians

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There were no Syrians attackers in France, yet the U.S. House of Representatives today punished ALL Syrians with a new bill aimed at stifling their emigration to America.

The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 or American SAFE places insurmountable roadblocks for Syrians to overcome to reach America’s safe shores.

Camila Domonoske writes for NPR:

The bill … would require the secretary of Homeland Security, the head of the FBI and the director of national intelligence to sign off on every individual refugee from Iraq and Syria, affirming he or she is not a threat.

Not even Russian spies get that red carpet scrutiny. 

This bill has no interest in vetting Syrians. its only purpose is to stifle the process of receiving any Syrian refugees in the future even though no Syrians were involved in the Paris attacks. The U.S. Congress just punished all the Syrian civilians escaping the terrorists in Tehran the same U.S. Congress rolled the red carpet for with its Iran Deal.

Feed the terrorists in Tehran from one end with funds and a green light to kill, and then feed them from the other end the targets that require buying weapons. This is what American SAFE Act of 2015 accomplishes in reality. Knowingly or unknowingly. 

Under the best of circumstances, Homeland, FBI, and National Intelligence never see eye-to-eye on anything. Imagine for one moment this magic synchronicity if all three approve one Syrian refugee. If it happens, Barack Obama ought to yield his Noble Peace Prize to the three heads.

Can the Syrian people catch a break from anyone? Not only the West has watched the atrocities being committed by Assad without stopping him, but often the West acts, as this U.S. Congress did, to further harm the people that most need our help.

As far as we are concerned, there is no difference between the American SAFE Act of 2015 and Petra Lazlo, the Hungarian camerawoman, who tripped a Syrian refugee while carrying his child in his arms. Both are heartless nincompoops.

It was never about vetting to secure us from terror. It is ALL about not welcoming Syrian refugees to America.

No Syrians Attacked France, Yet Congress Punished ALL Syrians


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