New US Visa Measures Point to Paris and San Bernardino Attacks Planners

New US Visa Measures Point to Paris and San Bernardino Attacks Planners

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The United States signed into law new US Visa measures that point to the two countries possibly behind the Paris and San Bernardino attacks planners. The restrictions dictate that any of the 38 countries with US Visa waivers must now seek a US Visa if the applicant has visited Syria Iran, Iraq, or Sudan. All dominated by the Khameneist regime. Key to these new restrictions are the countries of Syria and Iran where the real planning of terror around the world takes place.

The measure, which Obama signed into law on Friday was introduced as a security measure after the ISIS attacks in Paris and a similar attack in San Bernardino, California.

Why would the US introduce these measures that specifically target visitors to countries dominated by Iran if Western intelligence does not point to Syrian and Iranian planning of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino? Why would Barack Obama, who chose to ignore the whole Syrian tragedy to please Iran, suddenly sign voluntarily into law new restrictions that would be confrontational to Iran? Because Syrian and Iranian terror acts are crossing the Middle East borders to attack Western civilians. Iranian containment has failed, and a new diplomatic approach backed by new laws are required to protect the US from the Assad and the Khamenei regimes trying to force America to accept the Assad regime.

We can just imagine Lavrov delivering that threatening message to Kerry before America’s total surrender.

The Obama administration is desperate to control Syria. Barring US troops on the ground, the choices for this administration are one to none. Either acquiesce to Russian demands whose war machine has committed itself to Assad’s survival, or face the consequences of more San Bernardino attacks both Assad and Khamenei would be planning again. So, the US capitulates to Putin and seals its borders further for good measure.  Talk about bunker mentality.

Terror wins again in the face of lack of leadership at the White House. Every thug around the world knows that if you plan attacks against America, American capitulation and surrender follow. Their champion is none other than John Kerry.

New US Visa Measures Point to Paris and San Bernardino Attacks Planners


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