New U.S. Treasury Sanctions Against Hezbollah Operatives

New U.S. Treasury Sanctions Against Hezbollah Operatives

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The U.S. Treasury placed on its sanctions blacklist Wednesday three Lebanese men and companies they are tied to, calling them part of a “key Hezbullah support network.” These are new U.S. Treasury sanctions against Hezbollah operatives

The new U.S. Treasury sanctions involves asset freezes and restrictions for doing business on real estate businessman Adham Tabaja and his al-Inmaa group of companies, Kassem Hejeij and Husayn Ali Faour, and the company he manages, Car Care Center.

It said Tabaja is a member of Hezbollah, which is officially labeled a “terrorist organization” by Washington, and that al-Inmaa is used by Hezbollah for investment and holding properties. Both are now subject to new U.S. treasury sanctions.

It said that al-Inmaa Engineering and Contracting has recently obtained oil and construction projects in Iraq that “provide both financial support and organizational infrastructure to Hezbollah.”

Hejeij, the Treasury said, works with Tabaja and also provides financial support to Hezbollah.

It said that Faour is a member of Hezbollah’s operations unit Islamic Jihad, and the company he runs, Car Care Center, helps Hezbollah with transportation.

The Treasury said the new U.S. treasury sanctions against individuals and companies are examples of Hezbollah’s “continued exploitation of the legitimate commercial sector for financial, organizational, and material support… which enable the group to carry out acts of terrorism.”

AFP contributed to this article. 

New U.S. Treasury Sanctions Against Hezbollah Operatives


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