Mom There is a Suicide Bomber on the Discovery Shuttle

Mom There is a Suicide Bomber on the Discovery Shuttle

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Do you sometimes read some article or a news item and go HEH? From the “We do not believe what we are reading” department comes this latest wisdom from the White House published on the front page of FOXNews entitled “NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World“. Or, in layman’s terms, mom there is a suicide bomber on the Discovery Shuttle.

Apparently, Obama does not think much of Hilary Clinton’s leadership, so he is asking the only US agency he has not disturbed up to now to continue apologizing on his behalf and 300 other million Americans.


But more important than the article itself are the 1,433 comments and 7,135 recommendations it earned (as of 9:00pm EST on 7/5/2010), the majority of which are unbelievably negative towards this new directive from a White House that just met with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and is about to meet PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Never before have we seen so many comments published in response to an article on Syria.

We must say that something does not smell right to us here.  Asking NASA to engage with the Muslim world after Obama meets with the Saudi King has all the elements of a conspiracy. Is Obama already thinking he needs a large endowment from Saudi Arabia after he leaves office in 2012? Or is this just another one of those naive presidential directives disconnected from reality? We can see the faces of all those who voted for Obama at NASA just gazing into the sky and asking themselves “What have we done”? The Tea Party is about to receive the endorsement of a thousand NASA scientists, we think.

The West deals with Black Holes. Muslims deal with black rooms for making babies


Muslims are not ready for space Mr. President. If you tell a devout Muslim about the Big Bang, he will behead you on the spot. What do you mean a Bang? If you tell him humans are made of carbon, the very element we find in space, he will rape your wife. The Muslims you are thinking of Mr. President, like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, are experts at controlling peoples’ lives. They are good at telling you whether your curtain should fully shut or opened ajar by one centimeter when you sneak in the dark, fully clothed, to conceive your 15th child.

This is their comfort zone. The West deals with Black Holes. Muslims deal with black rooms for making babies.


Do you think Obama wants to train and send a Hezbollah or a Hamas terrorist to Mars as just another form of apology to our fellow Muslims? That’s OK Mr. President, no need to apologize anymore. We heard you when you spoke in Egypt and we are not impressed at all.

Is Biden goofiness rubbing on Obama? We never, in our wildest dreams, imagined the direction Obama is taking this country towards; and it would not surprise us at all if this idea came from the very same brainy people who dispatched Microsoft and Dell to Syria in the hope they can plant spying technology without Syrian knowledge.

Our sense is the whole team at the White House came from Mars, and it is trying to send some Islamists there and rebuild them to their image to fend off criticism. For that, Obama needs to commandeer the Shuttle Program at NASA, which he certainly has with this new absurd idea. This has to be the only explanation.

For those who pray, please recite a prayer tonight to save our president and to send him back to Mars safe and sound in 2012.

Mom There is a Suicide Bomber on the Discovery Shuttle


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