Media Has Stopped Publishing the Truth About Assad

Media Has Stopped Publishing the Truth About Assad

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Have you noticed the last year or so that the media has stopped publishing the truth about Assad continued terror against his own people? Is it because he has let it known to the west that he intends to take care of the Islamists problem? Those who fought in Syria? Or is it because the west has decided Assad is better than the alternative?

We do not have the answer to this riddle. All we know is that the mass murderer Baschar al-Assad now controls the media narrative.


In the first year of the Syrian Uprising, the Assad alternatives were defectors from his army. Not Islamists or religious zealots. In fact, the absolute majority were liberal-minded military conscripts and officers. Having liberals as his alternative did not sit well for his plan to survive. So, two things happened successively that have shaped the Syrian civil war and tilted it to Assad’s advantage.

  1. President Obama refused to help the Syrian moderates rising against the Assad regime, and
  2. Assad fostered IS by releasing from his jails some hardcore and violent Islamists. He then went on to help them grow by letting them occupy the oil fields, and then proceeded to purchase the oil from the newly formed Caliphate to grow their threat.

Assad created the perfect alternative for the west to protect his rule.

Of late, Assad has been dishing out interviews to western media that the likes of the Associated Press quickly pick-up. His latest pushes a narrative against his use of gas to kill Syrians, and AP happily offered him the platform to lie and deceive. The Russian started the lies, and AP helped them cement their propaganda. To say that some of AP’s stringers and editors play the Russian card is an understatement.

By casting doubt one one event, Assad hopes it would cast doubt on ALL 200 plus times Assad dropped chemical weapons against innocent women and children. Look how Russia has cast doubt about its interference in the 2016 presidential elections by propagandizing it was the Ukraine that interfered. Russia gave the GOP in America a reason to excuse their support of a President beholden to Putin. And they all swallowed it whole hoping they could re-elect a corrupt President.


With the media refusing to write about Assad continued killing of non-Islamist innocent Syrians, the western media is indirectly facilitating the process. Often the media relies on reports from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which it takes  very seriously, to highlight human rights abuses. Both are compassionate organizations with people dedicated to fix the wrongs of others.

As such, if one searches the Amnesty website, one would find that the latest five reports on Syria all dealt with Turkey’s deportation of Syrians. Important stories no doubt even though Turkey is repatriating the deportees back to their homes and lands.

The last story Amnesty wrote about the violent disposition of the Assad regime was back in August of 29. The story highlighted the tragedy of those disappeared in Assad’s dungeons of death. It’s been almost six months since Amnesty disclosed anything about the atrocities Assad keeps committing in Syria.

In Human Rights Watch case, the venerated organization has been covering Syria much more adequately with their reports. The latest entitled “Russia Should Be Held Accountable for Any War Crimes in Syria” captures precisely how the majority of Syrians feels about Russian interference in Syria. As far as we are aware, neither AP nor Reuters filed a wire on the subject matter, which means the story remains consigned to their website only.


Notice also that Assad has stopped gassing his own people. Is that a stealthy quid pro quo western governments adopted in return for some promise to Assad? We have no clue. But strangely enough, since then, Assad is now firmly in control of the media’s narrative and his own destiny. One would almost believe that some power hatched a conspiracy to forgive Assad for his crimes.

Of course, we do not believe this is the case.

Assad is more useful free and alive today than in jail or dead. After all, he has taken on the responsibility of capturing the remaining IS fighters in Syria and disposing of them properly. No need for the west to dirty its hands.

What we fear at TFS is that Assad will not dispose of them, but rather imprison them for another day. Keep them in reserve like aging wine for the day he needs to release them again. Just in case he wants to scare the west to submit to one of his terror schemes.

And if you think Assad would not dare or would not repeat, then you are a fool.

Media Has Stopped Publishing the Truth About Assad


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