Manda Ervin Speaks Out Against Obama’s Iran Deal

Manda Ervin Speaks Out Against Obama’s Iran Deal

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Source: The Blaze (Why an Iranian Exile Doesn’t Trust the Nuclear Deal)

Manda Ervin, a human rights activist who escaped Iran following the Islamic Revolution, is now one of the harshest critics of the nuclear deal.

In this For the Record short, Ervin shares her firsthand experiences of life under Iran’s theocratic leadership and explains what she sees as a troubling pattern in the Obama administration’s dealings with Tehran.

Manda Ervin: Her Life

Manda held offices in several Iranian Government ministries in Iran prior to the overthrow of the Shah by Ayatollah Khomeini. After the revolution she fled to Europe along with other influential intellectuals. She is currently based in Maryland in the United States where she founded and heads the Alliance of Iranian Women which works with the Iranian women inside Iran, helping them to establish the foundation of a civil society and women’s organization and tries to bring to the attention of the western governments, media and human rights and women’s organizations, the plight of the women and children of Iran

Manda Ervin Speaks Out Against Obama’s Iran Deal


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