Love America or Leave America

Love America or Leave America

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A logical imperative
Let Us Do Our Job

Loyalty to the US by some American-Muslims is both lacking and insincere.

I happen to tune to AM-570 in Washington DC, and by sheer coincidence Prof. Walid Phares, a Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, was on the Laura Ingraham Show discussing Shahzad and the many terror attempts and successes perpetrated against the US.

For those who do not know Walid, he is a walking Encyclopedia when it comes to terror. But more importantly, Walid’s clear and well articulated ideas speak to many of us and for many of us American-Muslims (Not Muslim-Americans incidentally).

Why are we, American-Muslims, surprised by the anger against Muslims and sometimes Islam by Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Monica Crowely, Mark Levine or the many other Radio and TV personalities? What right do we have to be angry at them when American-Muslims attempt, and some do, terrorize innocent by-standers? Especially, when some immigrate to this country, under false pretenses, with cowardly intent? Love America or leave America.

Why are we, American-Muslims, surprised to see mounting antagonism, enmity, and even hate against Islam from all those who built this country, which includes us, with their blood, sweat, and tears? Love America or leave America.

Why are we, American-Muslims, not respectful of this country’s principles clearly defined in the US Constitution — and interpreted in the Federalist Papers — and then expect to deserve a US citizenship without respecting those values and adhering to their spirit? Love America or leave America.

Why do we, American-Muslims, believe that the honor of becoming a US citizen does not carry with it the responsibility to be loyal and to pay tribute to this country’s history and its position as the flag-bearer for freedom and individuality? Love America or leave America.

We came here, like so many, expecting freedom. Did we not get it?

We came here, like so many, expecting to fulfill the American Dream? Did we not get it (YouTube video on how immigrants to America are 4 times as likely to become millionaires)?

We came here, like so many, in pursuit of happiness. Were not our children delivered in safe hospitals and received the best education in the world?

Have we not enjoyed equally the fruits of this country’s generosity?

Maybe this country has spoiled us too much? Maybe we need to experience oppression and economic deprivation again to fully appreciate the greatness of this nation and its people?

Of course the US is far from being perfect but it is up to all of us Americans to work towards a better future for our children in an environment intelligently forged to facilitate and help with this mission.

It is up to us, American-Muslims, to stand-up for this nation against terror perpetrated by Muslims and say: Enough is enough. We want to build, not destroy. We want to work, not expect help. We want to assist humanity, not terrorize humans. Love America or leave America.

Why is the US Government treating us any differently than any other group when it comes to our religion by embracing principles that are turning this country into an unsafe haven for law-abiding citizens and a safe one for terror-laden Muslim individuals? Love America or leave America.

Why does the US Government believe that pro-Muslim political correctness will spare this nation the wrath of extremists when the number of acts of terror since the present US administration has ascended to power almost tripled? Love America or leave America.

Treat us the way you treat any other group, which means hold us as accountable as any other group because short of that, your political correctness is being misinterpreted by some American-Muslims and many non-American Muslims as a Carte Blanche to destroy the very same values that brought us here.

Let us learn from the Lebanese Phalange Party (Lebanese Christians who fought the occupation of their country by Syria’s Assad) whose slogan, which I believe is still valid to this day, is: Love Lebanon or Leave Lebanon.

We say the same to all American-Muslims in this country: Either you love this country or you are free to leave it. We are harming the interests of all Americans, including our own self-interests as American-Muslims, when we do not stand-up to terror perpetrated by political Islam and when we remain silently quiet about the harm this phenomena is causing OUR country.

Our message to our communities should be: If you want to follow values in direct opposition to and non-sustaining of those observed by America, then move to a Muslim country. One of the reasons we immigrated to the US is to escape from the very same extremist values you want all of America to follow and we, free American-Muslims, won’t let it happen.

So we say: Love America or Leave America.

Love America or Leave America


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