Let Syrian Israeli Falafel War Begin

Let Syrian Israeli Falafel War Begin

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A small but inconspicuous article appeared in the al-Nahar newspaper in Lebanon (Their English edition on the Internet is called Naharnet) detailing a Hummus war between proud Lebanese citizens and as proud Israeli citizens in which size matters more than taste. I say then, let Syrian Israeli Falafel war begin.

The war has been going on for over a year with each country preparing a larger and more elaborate Hummus feast.

Taste is, of course, what makes Hummus so popular; but one finds it hard to explain why Lebanese and Israelis cannot compete face-to-face; in either country over taste as much as over who has the better or biggest Hummus platter.

As thankful as some of us are over a “War of Hummus” than a “War of Missiles” between the two nations, we look forward to such wars happening live rather than through the media.

Democratic Nations Fight Over Food, Not With Missiles

But like all people who are born in the Middle East, it takes us no time to politicize even the smallest detail of an otherwise harmless and funny “war” between free people of two neighboring countries.

Consider this paradox: People from two juxtaposed democracies are battling it out over who has the best Hummus. Meanwhile, a brutal savage like Assad is arming terrorists and building nuclear reactors. The insane savage ruling Syria simply does not represent the Syrian people. 

The day we let Syrian Israeli Falafel war begin competing over who has a better tasting Falafel or who can prepare the largest Falafel sandwich is the day real peace might be possible. The Lebanese-Israeli Hummus war is unstoppable by oppressive rulers and organizations because it represents the will of two free peoples, the basis upon which one can build peace voluntarily not forcibly.

Let Syrian Israeli Falafel War Begin


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