[singlepic id=76 w=250 h=170 float=left] [singlepic id=77 w=250 h=170 float=left] Hamas in control of Gaza represents, to many Arabs and Muslims, all that is wrong with the region. It is a microcosm of the world Islamists intend to memorialize and spread across all four corners of the Muslim world.

Gaza has been in the works since Sayyed Qutb published his book Ma’alim fi-alTareeq in 1964, the year he died, pegging Islam squarely around political activism and a larger role in life than many Muslims wish it to be. He is the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. His grandson, Tariq Ramadan, was recently allowed entry into the United States by none other than Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Lifting the blockade on Gaza is not dissimilar from a laboratory medicinal testing gone awry, yet the international scientific community insists on the distribution and assimilation of that medicine by the larger population in the Middle East as long as they are not its end-user and recipient. Maybe all those who are calling for the blockade of Gaza to be lifted should all permit themselves to experiment it first-hand by living under its extremist Muslim laws before you open the Genie’s bottle for the rest of us Muslims in the region. Let Assad, Erdogan, and Ahmadinejad, dressed all as women, live with Mahmoud al-Zahar.

All the arguments surrounding the Gaza blockade have been summarized into two words: Terror and Humanity. Israel is concerned about the terror of Hamas, given its history, and the international community thinks it is inhuman to blockade the whole territory, no matter the argument.

But, I have not read any argument made to the dangers of opening the floodgates of an extremist Islāmic ideology, which will be equivalent to Afghanistan when it was ruled by the Taliban. If we are, to this day, fighting the Taliban, why would the world wish upon us Muslims to accept another experiment, this time around speaking Arabic and far more dangerous?

In an age where liberalism and openness by other societies, be it western or eastern, reinforces their supreme knowledge, those same societies are not cognizant of the dangers the extreme Islāmic ideology would represent for the region. Does the London or the Eiffel Towers need to be leveled to the ground the way Bin Laden leveled the Twin Towers in New York before you come to your senses? At one point, you have to trust those Muslims who fear the extremists the most and not the ones who hawk their trade hiding behind a smile and a Taqyyieh.

The Hamas ideology is a virus that has been in the making since the early 1920’s. This virus has never been in control of any state until the west welcomed it in Gaza in the hope it can act reasonably. To everyone’s chagrin, and some 4,000 rockets later, we have been proven wrong. If wrong once, there is no rhyme and reason to make another mistake, which this time around can spread the virus of their ideology far beyond Muslim borders to western ones.

Europeans should never lose sight of the fact that their Continent, in about 30 years, will be home to 100 million Muslims, the majority of which will remain unassimilated and directionless. If the Gaza blockade is lifted before we weaken Hamas, I am putting a bid to buy the Eiffel Tower scrap metal and the last picture taken of Big Ben today.

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