After Lebanon, Rockets Land

It’s Official, Syrian War Has Turned Regional
Kerry’s ignorance is simply astounding
Is Obama out to destroy the Free Syrian Army?

After a quick visit to Lebanon by Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Assad of Syria, Hamas has started firing rockets unto Israel after a long freeze. That is why we should worry when Abdullah and Assad agree.

If Hamas had to choose between Syria and Iran today, it will go Iran’s ways because of the Muslim Brotherhood’s history with the Assads of Syria. Could Iran be instigating Hamas to show Assad and Israel it controls events on the ground? Or is Assad playing with fire, after his attempt to derail the STL with Saudi help, by showing Israel that even without Hezbollah, Hamas is still ready to be his agent of terror?

Assad has predicted war in the region just 48 hours before the rockets started landing. No one is that informed unless they control the information.


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