Learn About Syrian Genocide, Jewish Holocaust

Global March to Jerusalem? How About One to the Ruins of Homs Ayatollah Khameini?
Tribes Take a Stand
Sarkozy: 8,000 Killed in Homs in 3 Weeks

I Wish all of you

Happy Easter

Joyful Passover

* * * * *

May Syrians Defeat the Assad Terror

May Europeans Learn Less About Chamberlain and More About The Syrian Genocide and The Holocaust

May Arabs and Israelis Find Peace

May President Obama Discover the Truth

May the CIA Not Create Problems to Find Solutions That Fit Its Mold or Find Solutions in Problems It Can Control

May Arab Rulers Find Different Careers

May Makah and Medina Become Independent

May America be Oil Independent

May the UN Become a Museum

May the Iranian People Find Liberty and Justice

May the Minorities in The Middle East Thrive

May Russians Conquer Their Past to Take Control of Their Future

May Extreme Islam Be Buried Under Mosques

May We All Find the Strength to Help Peace


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