Kofi’s Cloak of Terror

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A real peace plan is one that dispenses justice, fairness, and equity upon the victims and punishes severely the perpetrators of crimes.

A real peace plan separates two sides but does not provide the possibilities of more terror and more tyranny.

A real peace plan is struck between two groups or countries because they are convinced of its utilitarian purpose in the service of BOTH interests.

What elementary school did Kofi graduate from?

Does anyone Have Kofi’s email to thank him for perpetuating terror against Syrians and calling himself a man of peace?

To get a clear picture of what his plan will produce, a good reading is the latest from David Schenker on the CNN Blog.

Kofi’s negative effect is multi-fold. One can start with this broad stroke title:

Kofi single-handedly forgives Assad for his Genocide, sparks more religious extremism, secures more terror in the future, demoralizes victims of terror, pats himself on the back and goes home with the west leaving Syrians and others to be slaughtered

That pretty much sums-up Kofi Annan and his plan. Thank you Ghana for producing a son who confuses peace with terror.

There are those who have begun questioning whether the Assad regime will fall or stay in power. Some base their analysis on information related to the negotiations between the Obama administration and the Khameini regime of terror, which may have ushered Kofi into the picture; some are just plain mercenaries of the pen campaigning for their terror master Assad, and some have this uneasy déjà vu written all over their sad faces, especially the Lebanese who can see this dark shadow on the horizon in the form of a monstrosity some in the west are willing to defend and protect.

How cowardly are our leaders when they cannot muster the courage to protect a whole region from a known terrorist and work behind the scenes to extend his life at everyone’s expense?

Even though our revolution is young, the sturdiest of revolutions have a certain shelf life.

In 1921, when the sailors of Kronstadt, after defeating the Whites in support of the Bolshevik Red Army, attempted to start a third revolution against Lenin for betraying the principles of the first anti-Romanov revolution, the Russian people were too tired, after almost five years of fighting, to come to their aid. Their lack of will helped usher the most horrific form of governments ever to exist and the most abhorrent men of violence the world has ever witnessed.

As the world paid a heavy price for the Bolsheviks, the highest price remains to be paid if Assad is kept alive. When just revolutions fail, they produce the most inhuman actors.

Assad is 43 years old. To those western leaders and policy makers unable to turn simple math into reality, it means Assad has another 30 years ahead of him to punish, to take revenge, to kill, to terrorize, to kidnap, to bomb, to torture, and to commit more Genocides if necessary. I pity the Lebanese and all those whom he will start targeting from the ruinous mount called Syria.

In spite of these odds, our people are not quitting and are as determined as ever in spite of the fact they lack paper and steel. Syrians are more resourceful than the world expects us to be, more stubborn than the world has tolerance for, and more oxygenated by the air of freedom than the world apparently wishes for us. To the mercenaries of the pen and to the men with an angled, one-way peace plan, I say we will shatter your plans into dust and we will spoil your inglorious agendas.

The serenity of knowledge has no foes. In the case of the Syrian people, serenely silent for 41 years in the face of atrocities and tyranny very few in the world have witnessed, many know today there is no turning back. Kofi or no Kofi, his plan of terror will fail miserably.

In fact, I am of the belief that Kofi just merged the majority of the Syrian population with al-Qaeda. Instead of helping people achieve their most basic of rights for freedom under whatever human rights laws we apply, Kofi just delivered Syria to religious extremism.

This is real terror cloaked as peace.


  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    There is a close resemblance between Annan’s policy in Syria and Mbeki’s policy on Zimbabwe – which has prolonged the tyranny of Robert Mugabe.

    Leave it to Annan, and Syria will get an Assad-led regime with two or three token ministers to represent the opposition.

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