Kerry Is Clueless About Muslim Culture

Kerry Is Clueless About Muslim Culture

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One of the first missions the newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry will undertake will be one carrying on top of its agenda the Syrian crisis. In this mission, Kerry will demonstrate how clueless he is about Muslim culture.

For those who missed Kerry’s past with regard to Syria, the man boasts Assad to be one of his most enduring friends.

Kerry singlehandedly has been Assad’s voice in Washington throughout his career. Partly because Kerry is the ultimate appeaser, partly because he romanticizes absolute power in the hands of a single man, and partly because he has struck a personal friendship with Assad during many past visits to Syria.

The latter is kept semi-hidden from public view, unless your ears are glued to the ground in Washington and you are able to analyze the many interviews he accords news outlets like NPR. These interviews pretty much give his friendship away if you listen precisely to his words.

Already, Kerry has indicated that his mission will be to bridge the gap between Assad and the brave men fighting his regime of terror for a political solution. Reality is different though. Our take on this is that his first miles overseas will be spent on finding ways to keep Assad in power. This is reason number one why Obama has not armed the Free Syrian Army in the first place. He also imposed the same policy on international governments to follow his lead.

Kerry will be the perfect man for this job given his history as an appeaser and his close relations with Assad who trusts Kerry and will therefore stand back and watch him work on his behalf with little to be concerned about. But he will fail because of his lack of knowledge about the Muslim culture.

With great comfort, Kerry has already forgotten how beneficial the demise of Assad would be to US interests; however, he will find a way to highlight those interests within a very narrow frame of mind to suit his purposes and those of Obama. After all, where did the notion that “We do not want weapons to fall in the wrong hands” come from? We can send missions to explore Mars but we cannot establish tough guidelines with monitoring standards while we are able to move freely in pretty much 75% of Syria? Give us a break!

Given that Jordan, a strong US ally, is teetering on the brink of collapse mainly because of the naivete of the Obama Administration when it empowered the Muslim Brotherhood (Oops!), the matter has suited Kerry just fine as an excuse to accommodate Assad.

In our humble opinion, Kerry will fail on this trip and will fail every time he pursues his single-minded madness when it comes to saving Assad. Why?

Because Kerry has not sat down with mothers whose children were killed or tortured by Assad.

Because Kerry does not understand what it means for a Syrian Muslim family to have their daughters, wives, and mothers raped in front of the family members.

Because Kerry is clueless about the discipline and influence a Syrian father wields within his family (Unlike the Western traditions of a father yielding to a younger generation to excel, a Syrian father only yields control with his death). Fathers do not ask their children to leave home when they are 18 years old, instead they will ask them to fight Assad.

Kerry is utterly clueless about our Muslim culture.

Work the math of some 16 million Sunni Muslim Syrians with an average age of 21 (second youngest in the region) the majority of whom will instigate to fight Assad. The able-bodied, probably running in the millions, will be fighting to death to honor their dead and raped women.

This excludes the deluge of more Jihadists coming from all over as their recruitment and training exponentially accelerates as time passes. The more Kerry demonstrates an inability to remove Assad, the more Jihadists will enter Syria. Bank on it.

Kerry can grandstand Syria and protect his friends, but Syrians are not about to let anyone stand in the way of their freedom after so many sacrifices.

Obama made the immense mistake of empowering the Islamists, it is his job to pick-up the pieces and solve the problem, not the Syrian people’s job and certainly not at their expense.

Kerry Is Clueless About Muslim Culture


  • StigP in Sweden 11 years ago

    It seems to he has to change about this. Latest news say he has ideas of programmes for making Assad to step down..I am sure there will be more to come.
    He understands that he can’t support Assad when a world wants him to go. In case he will be along with Iran, Russia and China. And who wants to be in their company?

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