Could there be a reason, like solid and extraordinary intelligence, to show that the advice provided late last year on Syria by Biden, Kerry, Denilon, Brennan, and others is backfiring?

Is this the reason why General Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, testified that he, Secretary Clinton, and General Petraeus were in support of a limited military assistance to the FSA late last year?

Could we call this testimony by General Dempsey “Jumping Shop” since he also named Secretary Clinton and General Petraeus?

What does he expect to happen in Syria to make his position known publicly?

These are the type of usual testimonies made behind closed doors.

If so, the President made a colossal mistake picking Hagel, Kerry, and Brennan to continue on the same path. As someone has said, those men look more like a choice for an Assad cabinet than an American one.

President Obama has learned nothing from the mistakes he made, and to keep shoveling dirt under the carpet will amount to more taxes levied in the future against US taxpayers.

Welcome to the peaceful, but illogical, world of Obama.

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