It’s the Cocktails, Stupid!

It’s the Cocktails, Stupid!

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When the US State Department engineered sending a high-level technical delegation to Syria, which included such US stalwarts of industry as Microsoft and Dell, it may had one purpose in mind: To continue pushing for a policy of appeasing Assad. One which, after almost 2 years of uninterrupted work, has resulted in more weapons to Hezbollah, advanced radar systems that threaten Israel, and sending Syrians on the ill-fated Gaza flotilla.

But what the trip may have uncovered accidentally is the reason why some US Diplomats support Arab dictators and violent rulers. Follow the Tweets of one Alec Ross and Jared Cohen, which caused quite a stir amongst the Republican Senators cascading all the way down to a BBC article, in which they extol the virtues of their trip to Syria by discussing Frappuccinos and a cake eating contest.

It’s the cocktails, stupid!

BBC, always playing the role of sidekicks to oppressive regimes, found every excuse to give Ross and Cohen the benefit of the doubt by discussing the serious side of their trip. We are still waiting for an announcement from the US State Department as to how this trip has benefited US policy and helped peel Assad from Iran.

When it comes to Syria, It’s the cocktails, stupid!

If you consider that some US Diplomats are attracted to the life of a certain luxury as they get treated better by these corrupt oppressors than ever in their lifetime before, you will get the sense of the fatal attraction to authoritarian rulers. It’s about travel, the perks, the cocktail parties, and the luxury that accompanies these trips. Millions of oppressed people are traded for a cake eating contest. I would have loved to see one Tweet about human rights in Syria.

Helas, it won’t happen. The cocktails are just too good to trade for a life of dedicated work on behalf of the oppressed people of Syria.

It’s the Cocktails, Stupid!


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