Israel, a Regional Blessing

Israel, a Regional Blessing

Many confuse our support for our neighbor the State of Israel in ways that are contrary to Syrian, Arab, or even Muslim interests. Theirs is either a simple logic or a cunning misinformation campaign with the aim of discrediting the work of TFS.

Our hope is to set the record straight on this issue without the obligation to explain ourselves to anyone.

  • If an Arab feels strongly about democratic values, his/her contribution must come in a form to test those values. If democracy is your top priority, then Israel, a democracy, is an extension of your hopes for your own country.
  • If an Arab feels strongly about eradicating cronyism and favoritism to be replaced with accountability and transparency, then one should look to those countries it can emulate and Israeli democracy has proven over and over again that no Israeli politician stands above its laws.
  • If an Arab feels strongly about economic self-sufficiency and independence rather than the dependency of Arabs on their state-controlled assets, then he/she must see that Israeli highly skilled labor is an example we Arabs need to learn from.
  • If an Arab feels strongly that the priorities of his/her own country displace the priorities of other Arab countries, then the Palestinian Cause is less important than the Syrian Cause. This means one fights for his/her own country first rather than fight for others. This makes Israel a country to partner with, not battle against.
  • If an Arab feels strongly about peace as a mean by which economic parity and prosperity can be attained, then peace with our neighbors necessitates that we also make peace with our neighbor to the south regardless of what our religion dictates to us or not.
  • If an Arab feels strongly about terrorism, then it is compelling to fight terror with those who make it a living to do so. This includes working with the Israelis, the Jordanians, the Lebanese, the Saudis, and all peaceful countries.

Our convictions towards Israel are based on reality and pragmatism.

True we admire Israel, but we don’t want Israel to be stronger than Syria. We want Syrians to learn how Israel got to be so strong by striking peace with them.

It’s because we love America and Syria that we feel about Israel the way we do. It is because we love America and Syria that we want to co-exist with Israel and to learn from each other for a better future for our children.

Besides this pragmatic position, there is a humanitarian side as well.

Who can forget the ovens at Dachau the way we are certain many Israelis will never forget Assad‘s gassing of Syrian women and children in Syria.


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