Islamic Extremism Has Incubated Western Racism

Islamic Extremism Has Incubated Western Racism

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As European expansionism, represented by its colonialist mindset and domination, hatched Nazism through the Treaty of Versailles, today Islamic extremism has incubated Western racism and its newly-discovered political incorrectness.

From Urban in Hungary to Le Pen in France, from Johnson in Britain to Putin in Russia and Trump in the U.S., the politically incorrect, some call white supremacists, are on the march. Their beef is with Islamic terror in the form of public beheadings whose intentions were to shock and intimidate the western world.

Muslims nurtured western racism through their own actions

Each is responding to Islamic terror differently. While Putin bombs schools, hospitals, and markets in Syria, Trump is banning Muslim emigrants from the land of the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses. Johnson, through Brexit, wants to break from the open borders of the EU for the same reasons. The backlash has been building for years. The ISIS beheadings in Syria and Iraq  was the last straw to break the west’s back.

In other words, Donald Trump is Islam’s baby. Extremist Muslims created him indirectly by following the chaotic path of violence and terror. Think back upon the Ghandi’s peaceful opposition to the British, which resulted in shaming the empire as opposed to Islamic violent opposition, which is beaming Muslims back to the 7th century. Muslims nurtured western racism through their own actions.


Haters of Islam, because of Islam, are answering the call to retaliate openly and angrily. They are doing so through bombs, walls, and laws to stem the sweeping tide. Even when the west defeat Muslim extremists, the white supremacists, now fully risen, are erecting new safeguards whose indirect results will be to diminish Islam to a cult of impoverished masses whose governance is violence itself. Assad is far more violent. El-Sisi makes Mubarak look like a saint, and Mohammad bin Salman dismembers his critics for the slightest infraction. All of these Arab rulers the western racists back and support fully.

Islam, in the Middle East, is entering a new age of destitution and disillusionment

It is a fact that Islamic extremism has incubated western racism, white supremacists, and neo-Nazism. Disastrously, those suffering from the Trump phenomenon are the very same western institutions to assist Muslims through civic and aid programs. Not only did Muslims shoot themselves in the balls, but they also shot their most ardent western benefactors in the foot. Don’t expect an extremist Muslim to understand the resulting effects of live beheadings beaming into one’s living room. Through their short-sighted violent actions, they fostered today’s western racism. One that is out for revenge against Islam as a whole.


Islam, in the Middle East, is entering a new age of destitution and disillusionment. There is no firmament in the distance with measurable metrics to show a happy ending. Only a dark 21st century, which, when oil runs out, would become an inferno of life. The birthplace of the nine circles of hell where Muslims “… yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen” suffer the eternity of all eternities.

Will joining Virgil in his torments help to kill the very ideology of Islamic extremism? Remnants we witness today in a more passive Muslim Brotherhood ideology able and ready to kill infidels. One man stands in the way of eradicating the last Muslim supremacist ideology. His name is Recep Erdogan.

After him, Muslims, on their own, will bury Hassan Banna and his ideas in perpetuity.

Islamic Extremism Has Incubated Western Racism


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