ISIS Reaches US Because of Obama’s Iran Deal

ISIS Reaches US Because of Obama’s Iran Deal

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Believe it or not, ISIS reaches US shores because of Obama’s at-all-costs Iran deal.

The first attack by ISIS inside America took place in Garland, Texas last Sunday. The terror group claimed on social media postings that it has 71 prêt-à-porter terrorists in fifteen different States.

ISIS said it will activate terror from five States soon to include Maryland and Virginia (Surrounding the Federal Government seat of power), Illinois (Hometown of Barack Obama), Michigan (Large Muslim community), and California (Presumably for its size and far reach).

Although we saw the rise of ISIL in Iraq during the Iraq War backed by Syria and Iran, ISIS in Syria began appearing in early 2012 once Syrians and Sunni countries realized Obama is not about to help the moderate Free Syrian Army defeat the Assad regime.

At the time, Barack Obama was in his early stages of hotly pursuing a deal with Iran on its nuclear program. This obsession froze the U.S. Syrian foreign policy and delivered Syria to Islamist terrorists to fill the void left by the absence of US assistance to depose the Assad regime. ISIS reaches US today because of Obama’s Iran deal.

The biggest mistake Barack Obama made in Syria, other than his infamous Red Line, was to strike ISIS, which was terrorizing the minorities and the Kurds without striking the Assad regime, which was terrorizing the Sunni civilian population.

Because Obama refused to build a no-fly zone to assist the Syrian civilians who were being slaughtered by Assad, the impact of striking ISIS without striking Assad was perceived by Sunni Arabs that America was siding with the Shia terror against the Sunni terror, even though the Sunnis terror was responding to the Shia terror.

Because of this idiotic move on the part of Obama, ISIS grew stronger everyday, and today it has come to America to threaten innocent civilians here at home. Had Obama not been so lustful in pursuit of a US-Iran deal, he would have acted in Syria like every other US President before him by striking or defending US interests from all terror, including the grand daddy of them all: The Iranian terror.

ISIS reaches US shores today because of Barack Obama and his ill-advised and genuinely sophomoric policies. ISIS reaches US because this White House response to events in Syria over the last four years have culminated in facing the threats of ISIS here at home. ISIS reaches US because of a large dose of ignominy on the part of those responsible for our national security.

Don’t stay up too late waiting for the mainstream media to point its fingers at this President the way it pointed the fingers at George Bush even though under his term terror at home became a distant memory.

The liberal media has a hard time shedding its political correctness. Blaming the first black US president for his foolhardy policies just feels wrong for those liberal nincompoops.

Obama knew that he was stepping into a landmine with his neglect to enforce a pro-active Syrian policy. His enamor with reaching a stage of total detente with Iranian terror would have culminated into another Nobel Peace Prize.

His second Nobel Prize would have been the first; instead, we have ISIS terrorizing Americans for the first time here at home because of Obama’s US-Iran deal.

ISIS Reaches US Because of Obama’s Iran Deal


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