ISIS is Obama’s Baby

ISIS is Obama’s Baby

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Between the spin of the White House and the stakes of the mainstream media, which hailed Barack Obama as the second coming of Christ, very little discussion takes place today as to the main reasons why ISIS exists. ISIS is Obama’s baby.

In its very raw format, Assad had time to seed ISIS because Mr. Obama failed to commit to his removal as quickly as possible.

Once seeded, it was a question of time before it grew out of control because Assad knew, by killing civilians, ISIS would fight back by threatening the region and the US.

From the get go, Obama believed the “Friends of Syria” Geneva conferences was the best approach to pressuring Assad.

The first conference failed miserably, and so John Kerry decided that for sure Geneva II would succeed in pressuring Assad to come to the negotiating table.

Guess what, Geneva II failed as well.

Our Secretary had Heinz Ketchup all over his face.

Little do people, like Obama and Kerry, know about violent dictators! Little do they realize that “waiting” is a game America will always lose in its outcome because dictators have perfected the art of deflecting danger, and no one better than the Assad regime can play this game.

Because Obama waited and waited, and

Because Obama refused to arm the Free Syrian Army, and

Because Obama twisted the arms of our allies not to help the Free Syrian Army, and

Because Obama never lifted a finger to help the civilians of Syria when Assad besieged cities and starved women and children to death, and

Because Obama drew a red line against Assad when he gassed his own people only to reverse course as quickly a week later, and

Because Obama could care less about what happens to the region and our allies, and

Because Obama was more interested in a deal with Iran to write his own legacy than to help secure US interests in the region, and

Because Obama even today refuses to acknowledge his mistakes in Syria by calling the FSA winning against Assad a “fantasy,” and

Because Obama has surrounded himself with amateurish advisers with little experience in world affairs, and

Because Obama pulled out of Iraq early and on his own terms, not those to serve US interests, and

Because Obama had intelligence reports about al-Maliki’s purge and sectarianism, but did little to interfere, and

Because Obama had intelligence about the potential dangers of ISIS a year ago, but refused to interfere, and

Because Obama believes the US is a bully that has no business interfering in the affairs of other countries, this is why

We have to deal with the dangers of ISIS today.

ISIS is Obama’s baby, born out of ignorance and blindness.

ISIS is Obama’s Baby


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