The consolidation of the Muslim Brotherhood of the Syrian opposition is going as planned.

Even though the liberal European states, like France, are adamant about the existence of a certain number of secular and liberal Syrian oppositionists in the high ranks of the SNC, it is a good thing they have a French citizenship or at least are able to return to France at a moment notice. They will sooner or later.

The SNC is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, in numbers, spirit, and purpose. Even if more liberal voices join the SNC, it’s not about numbers, but rather about confronting the Muslim Brotherhood agenda openly instead of “working” with it. No Syrian oppositionist I know has the strength to stand-up to the MB. The two leading liberal voices in the SNC are manicured Professors.

There are some British and French efforts at balancing the SNC to include more liberal minds but the MB, with Erdogan’s help behind the scene, is blocking these efforts so far, which is frustrating the Europeans because the SNC is supported by Erdogan and the Arab League who have the ears of the US President.

Are we at an impasse? Maybe not. Here are some pointers to consider for the policy makers of Europe (I have given-up on Foggy Bottom and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). 

What the MB fears the most are:

  1. The west discovers that an MB organization (Like the AKP of Turkey) rising from a peaceful and a secular state based on freedom is totally different from an MB organization rising from a secular and a terrorist state based on oppression.
  2. That the Koran is written in Arabic and not Turkish, which makes Arab Islam the overarching umbrella in the region and not powerful states like Turkey or Iran, both Muslims but non-Arabic countries (Did you know that in Afghanistan, it is mandatory to study Arabic for 8 years in schools because the Koran is written in Arabic? And that all 1.4b Muslims recite the Fatiha in Arabic regardless of their mother tongue language? Hail Mary is not recited in Aramaic).
  3. That a strong non-MB military is established in Syria that could potentially block its efforts. Tensions already exist between the SNC and the FSA exactly for that reason (One of the side benefits of reaching the rank of a Colonel in Syria’s Assad is your detachment from anything MB). Tensions are also rising over the little financial aid the FSA is getting from Saudi Arabia and Qatar whose aim is to control the organization to serve the MB.
  4. That the US enters into its 2012 election cycle before the SNC is able to obtain the much needed No-Fly Zone and the civilian protective zones to marshal its forces.  This explains their quick turn-around on this issue and the mobilization of the Arab States to take some of these responsibilities.
  5. That the CIA establishes direct relationships with a new Syrian “Strongman” who can derail their plans.
  6. That the Europeans figure out how many Muslims will immigrate to Europe following their return to Syria.
  7. That ANYONE discovers their ruse of how “moderate” they are.

What the MB fears the least:

  1. That the new Syria will include enough moderates and minorities who can veto the forming of a new Constitution that would deliver Syria and its people to their long-term plans, including the portfolio of ministries they intend to control early-on.
  2. That the Alawites will have any power in the future Syria (Thanks to the actions of Assad).
  3. That the present secular and liberal people leading the SNC will be dangerous to their plans.
  4. That Syrians will voluntarily follow their lead and programs (Assad delivered the poor and the disfranchised Syrians to the MB).
  5. That Israel will cause them any trouble unless Americans vote for a Republican President in 2012. Obama deriding Netanyahu constantly and privately is a far reaching sign than one of mere personality clash.

Jimmy Carter never admitted how wrong he was to let his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski to think he can “deal with Khomeini”. Mind you, this line of thought led to Khomeini taking American diplomats as hostages. 

Barack Obama, in 30 years, will never admit either how harmful his policies were in supporting the Islamists for Syria. 

This leads me to this important question: Who runs the foreign policy of the Unites States in the Middle East? Obama or Erdogan?

Is Erdogan the President of the United States in the Middle East?

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